Cessna Citation X Midsize Business Jet

Cessna Citation

The Cessna Citation X is a super midsize business jet with super speed. Its makers claim it’s the fastest civilian aircraft in the world, able to attain maximum speeds of Mach .935, edging ahead of the larger (and much, much more expensive) Gulfstream G650’s speed of Mach .925. When it comes to making single-day return flights, just-in-time trip scheduling or simple bragging rights, the Citation X delivers.

With cabin dimensions of 5.8 ft x 5.6 ft, it’s smaller than other midsize jets, but the designers have carefully made the most of its 25 foot length to provide generous leg room and space to work or relax. The cabin is furnished in lustrous wood paneling and metal finishing for a simple, elegant style. The layout is typically arranged as eight executive seats, with stowable tables, individual entertainment panels and Wi-Fi connectivity. A refreshment center provides hot and cold beverages and catering options. An aft exterior baggage compartment has 72 cubic feet of storage space, with an additional 10 cubic feet of cargo space for oversized luggage and equipment.

The X is built fast. In addition to its max speeds of Mach .935 (approximately 710 mph), it typically cruises at 607 mph to maximize its range of 3900 statute miles. Without stopping, the X can fly from Las Vegas to Antigua (perfect for a Caribbean yacht charter or island getaway) or New York to Ibiza (for decadent night life or Mediterranean yacht charter). And it climbs fast as well, reaching altitudes of 51,000 ft for a luxurious ride free of turbulence and traffic.

Luxury speeds don’t mean exorbitant costs, though. At an average cost of $4600 per flight hour, it offers better rates than other super midsize jets. For a tailored quote, contact The Best of Yachting today at [email protected].


David Newland

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