Selecting your level of comfort has various tiers which include, Fractional Jet Cards, Company Jet Ownership, Charter Operators, and Single Seat Jet Charters. The collapse of sound & time is contributing factors as to why many fly private. When peace of mind is quantifiable, a corporate executive will seek to maximize on comfort. Private Jet travel allows one to become there most productive self, adhering to their business agenda. Air travel with certainty allows the corporate executive solitude and laser focus on things that matter. Flying is the journey but peace of mind is the prize

Private Jet Travel Options

Quantum Jets – Private Jet Travel

Classifying Private Jet Travel

In classifying travel, it is important to know which packages are of value to you, and what level of luxury fits your needs. In quantifying the executive jet travel experience, private jet travel can be compared to commercial air travels price bands:

Single Seat Charter

Surf Air – Single Seat Charters

Single Seat Charters – The Private Jet Economy Class

Single seat charters are a cost-effective approach when flying aboard a private jet. These flights offer benefits to the airline first class traveler, seeking efficiency. Purchasing a single seat charter offers a business traveler a set route, which can be a scheduled or unscheduled flight. Selection of flights can be made available via app, membership program or pay as you fly. Similar to a full charter a single seat charters benefits lie in the reduction of time. This package is great for a corporate executive or family, who do not mind sharing space or giving up privacy. The most predominant operator in this category is Surf Air. Operating in California, Texas and Europe Surf Air specializes in the single seat charter market. They have grown to be the standard alternative to first class airline travel.  Offering time incentives, Surf Air intrigues its travelers by their productive service times and their VIP experience. The differences in there travel experience lie time & efficiency, perfect for a business traveler looking for peace of mind without the hustle bustle of airport terminal. In this style of transportation time savings is the main concern, and booking control is secondary. The difference between single seat charters, and full charter sis the ability to fly when you want. This class of charters rely both on scheduled and unscheduled flights.

Empty Leg Charter - Quantum Jets

Quantum Jets – Empty Leg Charter

Empty Leg Charters: The Private Jet Premium Economy Class

 The empty leg offers the comfort of chartering a jet, without the associated cost. A common concern has been there accessibility. Empty legs previously offered uncertainty, but now this has changed with the advent of  on demand charter software this worry is diminishing. Enter “a business aviation search platform that allows users the ability to search and request trip pricing from any aircraft operator in the world”. Open point congregates all open legs into a free easy to use interface, available to corporate travelers or brokers. The benefit of an empty leg includes privacy, the experience, time and cost. Open point allows users to enter their departure, and arrival points to receive updates on reduced jet charters. As private aviation’s premium economy, this category is bench marked due to the minimal uncertainty, and advanced booking requirements. This experience provides peace of mind and priceless privacy otherwise not provided by single seat charters. Thus, Empty leg’s is second tier option in comparison to single seat charters.

Air bus - Coporate Jet

Air Bus Corporate Jet – Luxury Interior

Fractional Jet Cards & Full Charters – The Private Jet Business Class

There are hundreds of fractional jet programs and corporate jet operators vying for your spending power. Fractional Jet Cards & Full Charters offer the luxury of booking when you want anytime want. With zero tethers the corporate titan can feel secure when they arrive on time, chartering their jet in seconds. NetJets, Magellan Jets, Vista Jet, JetSmarter, ChartRight Air, Sky Service and Execaire are all operators who have decades of experiences crafting private jet travel.

These operators combine luxury of air travel but appeal to a traveler’s true sensations of peace of mind. If you finished late in a meeting, time will be made aboard a private jet. Chartering and fractional jet cards allow reservation of time slots with ultimate privacy. Fractional jet card owners get the perks of a privately-owned aircraft, and receive a greater value buy splitting across a group of co-owners. While Jet cards or chartering give passengers the opportunity to buy block time, by lowering the overall cost. Jet cards are ideal for travelers who fly less than 50 hours. In either model it is important to check if your operator is accredited. These checks can be made by visiting Argus, an industry benchmark for corporate aviation. Thus, the benefits of fractional jet cards and full charters, is absolute control of your time, and privacy. Allowing passengers to book within the hour, with zero worries.

Quantum Jet - Luxury Interior

Quantum Jets – Interior of Jet

Company Jet Ownership: The Private Jet First Class

The company private jet can be characterized by both small and large aircraft; which include anything from a Phenom 100 to something as large as an Airbus Corporate Jet A380. The difference is the personification of the corporation or owner . A company owned jet allows for methodical knowledge of who uses the aircraft and is a prized commodity. Very few corporations own private jets, but the few that do demand opulence. Here is a list of  corporate jet owners, who’s extravagant jets mimic there lifestyles.


  • Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal Al Saud: Aboard his private ACJ A380 there is more then the eye could imagine. With bathrooms, a garage for luxury cars and a storage room for hawks, Prince Al-Waleed jet is the epitome of opulence. The Prince’s luxury ACJ A380 exceeds 500 million dollars
  • Business mogul Alisher Usmanov: As regular in global financial rankings Mr. Usmonov is among the wealthiest in Russia. He is also categorized as one of the top 50 influential people in the world. Mr. Usmanov owns a A340-400 which exceeds 350 million dollars.
  • Hong Kong Billionaire Joseph Lau: Mr. Lau owns a BBJ 747 worth $ 153 million. As a 61% majority shareholder in Chinese Estates  His fortune is estimated by Forbes at $15.1 billion.
  • Jeff Bezos: Considered to be the world richest man. Mr.Bezos is the owner of a Gulfstream G650ER private jet.  Taking delivery in 2015 the jet has a value of around US$ 75 million.
  • Bill Gates, Microsoft Founder: Gates owns a  Bombardier BD-700 and an Airbus ACJ319 both valued above $ 75 million .

Corporations who own jets often hire third party management services. The executive jet industry has been portrayed with a singular brush, when in actuality there are different levels of travel.  Next time when you fly understand that there are options for the corporate traveler.