Soak in the smells of freshly brewed coffee, drop your bags, and  experience luxury that will take you further. The empty leg  offers you the ultimate comfort of having an entire aircraft for your family, work party, or yourself. Capitalizing on these sensations are the true value for your time.  In-between chartering a business jet and a single seat charter lies empty legs. An empty leg, is an empty flight in which the return portion of a charter flight can be booked. A comparison can be made when a limo returns to its home location after a drop off.

Empty Legs

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The Benefits of An Empty Leg

Empty legs are a cost-effective method of chartering a business jet. Charter operators will often sell these flights for up to 75% off the original price. Booking an empty leg flight is win/win scenario for both the carrier and passenger. The carrier can further save cost, and the passengers receives discounts. Approximately 33% of all business aircraft fly empty as they reposition, which mean hundreds of seats available. Thus, there is ample capacity for reservation in business jets for a fraction of the cost of a normal charter. Empty legs offer time, cost, and peace of mind to passengers booking these flights.

Empty Legs

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Finding an Empty Leg

During an empty leg the luxury travel experience remains untouched, offering the same quality as a regular charter. Finding an empty leg specific to your journey may be daunting task, but there are options to simplify this process. Charter software, charter operators, and charter brokers offer a resolution in obtaining these opportunities. By simplifying this process, you can filter by location, date, and aircraft type.

Empty Legs

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Productivity & Experience

The world of Private Jets, offers the ultimate experience in style, comfort and luxury. Utilizing your airports local FBO you can arrive 15 minutes before boarding without hassle.  Allowing you to avoid the long tedious airport line ups. In comparing nonproductive hours in travel there are 4 hours in commercial travel vs. 35 minutes in private jet charter. This comparison is done with several variables such as check in/security screening, taxi/takeoff, landing/gating, baggage/customs, and limo/rental car wait times.  Private Jet flights allow for efficiency with tailored flight experiences. This balance of solitude will allow you maximize your vacation travel experience or execute your 11 am business deal. In business travel time  & luxury are an inseparable pair. It is important to weigh the risk vs. rewards when considering your travel options.

Empty Legs

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Homogenizing Travel Experiences

An empty leg is a great opportunity for the airline business traveler, or corporate group to experience the world of private jets. It is common that an Empty leg traveler will combine a single seat jet charter or an airline first-class ticket maximizing their experience. The benefits shared above, are perfect for a traveler looking to splash out on their experiences. In our next article we will compare the different classes of business traveler, and travel options available. The next time you are flying for business, evaluate your options and consider flying on a empty leg.


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