The Gulfstream G650 is the gold standard in private aviation. The largest, fastest, most advanced purpose-built jet on the market, it has redefined luxury air travel.

The cabin’s spacious dimensions – 8 1/2 feet wide and nearly 6 1/2 high – comfortably sits 8 passengers. For those extra-large guest list occasions, the seating plan can be reconfigured to accommodate up to 18 people. There is ample room for luggage and shopping sprees, with up to 195 cubic feet of baggage capacity.


Every aspect of the design insures the utmost comfort. The large signature oval windows illuminate the cabin with natural light. Enhanced cabin pressure and a complete fresh-air system reduce the normal fatigue of high-altitude flight. Passengers can relax in plush leather chair or lounge in the divans. For overnight flights, full restful sleep is guaranteed. The chairs recline a full 90 degrees, the divans transform into beds, and select models offer an optional stateroom.

On-board amenities maximize the time spent in the air. A conference table holds up to six for productive meetings. Noise-canceling headphones are provided for those who need to catch up on work. The cabin also boasts an entertainment center and wide-screen TVs. Full food and beverage service is provided by the galley. A crew of four ensures that every need is attended to on the flight.

Though it may be a short flight. With a max speed of 611 mph, the G650 flies just under the speed of sound, faster than a 747. With a range of 8000 miles, non-stop flights whisk travelers around the globe, from New York to Shanghai or Los Angeles to the Cote d’Azur.

The G650 is such high demand that there is a three-year waiting list to purchase one. Charter flights are available though, at a mere $10,000/hour.The G650’s combination of performance and comfort make it the perfect choice for the discriminating traveler, for both business and holiday travel.

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