Take a post yacht show break from Miami and touch down in Crete, ready to set sail around one the finest islands in Greece. The cyan colored waters against the golden hewn rock is enough to bring out the poet in anyone. From the ancient Palace of Knossos to the glittering night life of Agios Nikolaos, the siren song of Greece is calling. To hop across the pond, you want a jet that blends comfort with speed and class, here’s our selection of long haul bests.

Legacy 500

The Legacy 500 is an across the Atlantic dream, boasting a speed of 440 knots and a range of 300nm. Take an entourage of 12 and rest easy for the 12 hours and 43-minute flight. The safety features on the Legacy 500 are top notch, with a stick fly-by-wire that pilots love, and a generous cabin of 27 ft, flat bed space, and wet and dry galley that passengers are sure to adore.

$114 478

Challenger 600

The Challenger 600 comes in at just a little less in terms of speed and range when compared to the Legacy 500, but she has plenty going for her, not least that she could be mistaken for an airliner than a private jet. 10 seats, a speed of 432 knots, and a range of 2800, but also impressive cabin space comparable to a Boeing 737. She will get you from Miami to Crete in 12 hours 56 minutes.

$141 199

Legacy 600 Executive

Photo Credit JetPhotos.net Joan Alonso Gill

The Legacy 600 Executive is a step up for those who really want to fly in style. 13 seats are more than ample, a range of 3250 nm and a speed of 450 knots puts this jet firmly on the map as having some of the most impressive stats out there. If you want to make that leap from Miami to Crete without dragging your heels, the Legacy 600 Executive will get you there in 12 hours and 27 minutes.

Cost: $150 654

Bombardier Global 5000

The Bombardier Global 5000 claims to be as comfortable as your home office. If your home office has 13 seats, could hit speeds of 511 knots, a range of 4724 nm and get you across the ocean in just over 11 hours. Smooth, restful and with amazing WIFI speeds and connectivity you won’t know you are drifting through the clouds until you peek out of the window.

$161 585

Gulfstream G550

The Gulfstream G550 is the fastest option to get you soaking up those Grecian myths. With 15 seats, a speed of 500 knots, and an impeccably impressive range of 6750 nm, you can be wandering the ancient temples and sharing mezze plates in just 10 hours 47 minutes. Rolls Royce designed the turbofan engines and the interior boasts a lounge, conference space, and sleeping divan.

$165 521