After sunning yourself on the shores of Palm Beach, teeing off on world famous golf courses, and catching a polo tournament or two – prepare to dress to impress as you jet off to Milan. It’s men’s fashion week in the Italian style capital, which means its time to dust off your Louis Vuitton, pack your best, and climb aboard a private jet for a plethora of catwalk shows and after parties. Here’s our Yachting Lifestyle 365 choice of private jets to show you La Dolce Vita…

Cessna C750 Citation X

Hailed as the second fastest civilian aircraft in the world means that the Cessna Citation X will get you to Milan in just 9 hours 42 minutes. Space for 8 and with a private dressing room means that not only can you bring your entourage you also have a place to glam up onboard. We weren’t exaggerating about the speed, hitting a high of 475 knots and with an impressive range of 3420 nm, you can tell the Cessna uses Rolls Royce engines.

Cost between 8 passengers $114, 137

Hawker 4000

The Hawker 4000 is said to be one of the most advanced business jets in the world thanks to its ease of ability to blend class and comfort with transatlantic distances. With lashings of space to suit 8 guests, private attendants and a full galley, this is the largest and quietest Hawker ever built. It can reach speeds of 470 knots meaning that you will arrive ready for the catwalk in just 9 hours 48 minutes. Hitting a range of 3390 nm and with large windows and low vibration – this could be the smoothest ride of your life.

Cost between 8 passengers $121, 137

Boeing 727 Executive

Those who truly want to make a splash when touching down in Milan can go presidential with the Boeing 727 Executive. This jet is huge by private standards, with space for 35 passengers, private bathrooms, a VIP suite and impeccable entertainment features. Despite the stunning size it can still hit 450 knots giving a flight time of 10 hours 12 minutes. Not that you will want to get off anyway. A range of 3900 nm and 5 cabin crew to ensure you are wined and dined (did we mention there is also a dining room onboard?), the Boeing 727 is the ultimate private jet experience.

Cost between 8 passengers $351, 929

Those looking to make a grand entrance to Milan’s men’s fashion week are sure to make a splash when touching down in executive private jet style.