Private aviation is the ultimate choice for elite travelers wanting to get from A to B in the most comfortable way possible. No crowds, no chaos – just the calm of the clouds and the bliss of the incoming sunshine. After a long weekend flying down powder-soft slopes, swiss saunas, and indulging in the apres-ski lifestyle of St. Moritz – you may be seeking a splash of sun. Palm Beach is the golden center of the sunshine state delivers splurge-worthy shopping, majestic suites with ocean views, and perfect polo games all year round. Take a private jet with these opulent choice of sky liners to carry you in style from snow to sand.


Gulfstream G200

With space for up to 10 passengers and room for 5 to sleep, the Gulfstream G200 makes long haul travel a simple and stylish feat. A max range of 3600 nm and a max operating speed of 0.85 combines power and speed to get you from St Mortiz to Palm Beach in 9.35 hours of smooth sailing. Cruising at an altitude of 45000 ft. this mid-size business jet boasts subtle contours, wings that won’t drag, and a cabin height of 6-foot. Windows stream with sunlight and a lower cabin pressure means you will arrive fresh and ready to hit the beach.

Cost between 8 passengers: $112,479


Embraer Legacy 500

If you have 12 passengers looking to jet from the Alps to the sultry Miami Coast, then Legacy 500 has room for all. The executive midsize jet boasts a range of 3125 nm and a max operating speed of 0.83. Falling just a little shorter of the Gulfstream with a flight time of 9.49 to Palm Beach, 4 fully reclining seats, and remarkably low noise levels means that you can fly in supreme comfort. Interior design boasts a wet galley, cream leather and plenty of light.

Cost between 8 passengers: $85,984


Bombardier Global 6000

If speed is your need en route from St. Moritz to Palm Beach, then Bombardier’s Global 6000 will send shockwaves across the sky. With 14 seats, this spacious and lightning-fast jet will have you soaking up sunny vibes in 8.35 hours. A maximum range of 6,000 makes this plane an impressive feat, as does the top speed of 0.89 and the cruising altitude of 41000 ft. Throw in a Rolls Royce engine, hardwood flooring, in-sky media center, and seamless internet connectivity and you have a jet that truly exceeds expectations.

Cost between 8 passengers: $132,208