From the sultry summer coast of Miami to a billionaire’s desert dream; Dubai is calling. The land of elite sheikhs, seven-star luxury, gold souks, and some of the most impressive manmade sights needs little introduction. From the yachts lining the marina to the billowing sail like structure of the Burj Al Arab, touching down via private jet is the best way to blend in when traveling to Dubai. With a flight time of close to 16 hours, you want to make sure you are flying in pure comfort, class and style. Here are the finest selection of long haul jets to take you there.

A318 Elite

The A318 Elite feels more like a flying apartment and office than a long-haul jet. With space to seat 18 and room to sleep 8, you will certainly appreciate the generous cabin space when it comes to getting some shut-eye. A separate office, bedroom and dining room helps to remove any trace of cabin fever, and with a range of 3800 nm and a speed of 450 knots, you will be sipping gold flecked coffee in no time.

Price Per Hour From: $19,524

Boeing 727 Executive

One of the most popular commercial airliners in the world, the Boeing 727 is beloved for its reliability, strong safety game, and flexibility as a first-class jet. The Executive model has one of the most impressive VIP cabins in the world, and an enormous amount of space for 35 passengers. Private bathrooms and state of the art entertainment systems are the tip of the luxury ice-berg. This sleek and stunning jet also boasts a range of 3900 nm and a speed of 450 knots.

Price Per Hour From: $13,946


737 BBJ Interior Photo Credit: Airline Reporter

The Boeing Business Jet should be called the cloud palace. The number one jet used for flying royalty and government officials, you wont find a more prestigious jet than this for private hire. The generous 5,390 cubic feet of cabin can be turned any way you want them, although most opt for a boardroom, VIP bedroom, and office. The BBJ hits an impressive range of 6141 nm and a speed of 450 knots.

Price Per Hour From: $20,919

Airbus 319

Capturing the best of both worlds, the Airbus 319 offers everything a commercial liner can, but has all the prestige and boutique personality of a private jet. Space for at least 18 guests, a fully equipped office, and a fully flexible interior make the Airbus an inviting choice. With a speed of 450 knots and a long range of 5900 nm, this jet is a solid choice for turning heads.

Price Per Hour From $22,314

Embraer Lineage 1000

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An ultra large business class jet from Embraer, typically divided into five areas to include a bar, master suite, dining room, office, VIP bathroom and shower room. It’s the perfect choice for those looking for a savvy and sophisticated quiet jet to get you there with minimum fuss. The Embraer Lineage 1000 boasts a range of 4600 nm and a speed of 472 knots.

Price Per Hour From $12,551