From the snows and sheer mountains of Zurich to the sugar white sands of California; flying to Malibu is no quick feat. For this trip across the Alps and ocean you want a powerhouse jet that is going to turn that long-haul flight into a seamless dream. Malibu is the perfect antidote to those icy European winds. Prepare to sip wellness cocktails above billionaire Carbon Beach, learn to ride waves in America’s favorite surf scene, and rebalance your perfect cool away from the throng of LA. You will have to fly Zurich to LA to make the trip, but these three fabulous jets are sure to make the journey worthwhile…

Challenger 850

Photo Credit VistaJet

Bombardier know how to make business jets that execute exceptional long-range performances and the Challenge 850 is the perfect example of such a slick beast. With space for 14 passengers in executive configuration, a speed of 459 knots, and a range of 2292 nm this could be the softest 11-hour 58-minute flight of your life. Space to stand up, stretch out and fully lie down ensures that you won’t arrive red eyed, a full washroom and ample space for creating gourmet meals and drinks helps take the sting out of long haul travel.

Cost Per Person: 8 $17,669 ($141,353)

Bombardier Global 5000

Those who don’t have a minute to spare will appreciate being able to touch down in LA 10-hours and 49-minutes after taking off from Zurich. It’s no wonder the business world adores this jet – just look at the stats. A powerful 511 knots, a range of 4724 nm, and space for an entourage of 13. Its hailed as being the penultimate place to do business in the clouds, with the fastest in-house connectivity worldwide, sculpted innovative seats, a full-on media center in the sky, and a private aft stateroom for those who require an extra dose of divine privacy.

Cost Per Person: 8 $20,146 ($161, 174)

Gulfstream G500

Never one to take the backseat, the Gulfstream G500 can snap at the heels and overtake the power and prowess of Bombardier. This optimized jet promises to take you from alps to ocean in 10-houes 33-minutes. That’s with 5000 knots, 5800 nm, and room for 14 elite passengers. The cross-section cabin design ensures even more space for travelers, large windows let the light stream in, and 100 percent clean air replenishes the cabin every two minutes. These factors, along with a lower altitude inside, reduces the damaging effects of jetlag meaning that you arrive as fresh as when you started.

Cost Per Person For 8: $22,872 ($182,983)