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From the Catwalk to the Champs Elysees; Milan to Paris by Private Jet

From the chic streets of Italy to the glitzy French capital, fashion weeks around Europe are nothing short of a whirlwind. Fortunately, hopping from one glamorous city to another is an easy feat when you have a fleet of private jets to pick from. Before you can say Ciao, you will find yourself strolling the leafy boulevards of the Champs Elysees, sipping champagne at Le Dokhan, and mingling with Coco Chanel favorites at the glut of after parties that follow Men’s Fashion Week. Take a look at three of the finest private jets to pick from for that short skip across Europe…

Learjet 75

Learjet 75 Photo Credit: James Mepsted Flickr

One of the most celebrated and trusted light jets with all the amenities of a large jet, the Learjet 75 is beloved among the Fortune 500. With an 8-seat configuration, and a maximum range of 2,040 nm you will touch down in Paris in just over an hour. Access to high speed internet, a pocket door between the cockpit and cabin for perfect silence, and a top speed of 0.81 makes flying in the Learjet an absolute dream.

Price between six $11.953

G100/150 Astra

G100/150 Astra

G100/150 Astra

Those who cannot wait to hit the ground running in Paris will find themselves there in an hour flat after climbing aboard the G100 / 150 Astra. Gulfstream windows and a fast cruise speed of 459 knots cuts no corners when it comes to getting you there. A range of 3000 nm and comfortable seating for 8-9 guest’s gifts more than enough space. The interior is every bit as elegant as you would expect, with plush white leather executive seats, polished woods, and plenty of bright light streaming in.

Price between six $17,698

Cessna Citation XLS

Cessna Citation XLS

Cessna Citation XLS Interior

One of the newest and most advanced mid sized jets from the Cessna line, this comfortable club style cabin certainly captures an era of flying in style. 9 seats, with club four seating arrangements, dual DVD players with in-seat monitors, and a full refreshment area invites you to kick back and relax on the short flight. The Cessna boasts a range of 2000 nm, a speed of 430 knots, and a flight time of one hour and three minutes.

Price between six $9,379

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