The Gulfstream G200 is a super mid-sized jet, offering the amenities of a large private jet at the price of a medium one. Combining trans-oceanic range, spaciousness and comfort, it’s a popular choice for the luxury traveler, no matter where they want to go.

Gulfstream 200

The standard cabin arrangement is for nine passengers, with six plush seats and a three-person divan. Optional configurations can be made to accommodate up to 19 people. With dimensions of 6.2 ft high and 7.2 ft wide, passengers can stand with ease, move about the 24 ft long cabin, and adjust their space to fit their needs. Business travelers will appreciate the four-person conference table, Wi-Fi, power outlets, and video monitors. The G200 also comes with a DVD system, airshow system, and Bose personal headsets. A full service galley serves hot and cold meals as well as offering a fully stocked bar. A staggering 150 ft3 of storage capacity is the largest in its class, providing ample room for sports equipment and shopping sprees.

Fresh air is circulated for the entire duration of the flight and air pressure is kept under 8,000 ft. Together, this eliminates much of the stress and fatigue of long flights and leaves passengers feeling refreshed and productive.

Gulfstream 200 2

Cruising at 540 mph, the G200 speeds passengers across the US or even across the Atlantic. With a range of 3900 miles, it connects Denver to Maui or New York to Lisbon. It’s an ideal way for a Hawaiian getaway, a weekend in London, or with one stop, a Mediterranean yacht charter along the French Riviera.

The G200 truly shines in its value. At an average charter cost of $5000 per hour, it’s half the price of a large private jet. For a tailored quote, contact The Best of Yachting today at [email protected].