VIP’s Choice of Private Jets The Gulfstream G550

With its impressive capabilities and elegant luxuries, the Gulfstream G550 is a favorite of presidents, prime ministers and the VIP. This large private jet’s best-in-class range makes it ideal for ultra-long-range international flights to financial capitals and exotic destinations.

The cabin is sized for maximum convenience. At 6.2 ft high and 7.4 ft wide, there is plenty of room to stand, stretch the legs or recline fully back in one of its first-class chairs. A typical flight carries eight passengers, but the G500 can accommodate up to 18 using optional seating configurations. With 226 cubic feet of space, the baggage storage compartments can store luggage for all those extra guests as well. No matter how many are on board, the G550 is designed to make the flight feel spacious and relaxing, with four distinct living areas, three temperature zones, 100% fresh-air system, cabin pressurization maintained at the equivalent of 6,000 ft, and Gulfstream’s signature large oval windows for cabin-wide natural illumination.

While in the air, stay connected with two on-board satellite phones, wireless LAN and optional high-speed broadband Internet. The full galley offers hot & cold meal service, beverages and wine storage. Select charters staff a flight attendant to help with your every need.

Few jets can fly non-stop from New York to Tokyo or Washington DC to Dubai, but the G550 does it in comfort and style, able to travel over 7700 statute miles without refueling. It’s the “accept no substitute” way for business traveling. And the must-have method of leisure travel as well. Imagine leaving Dallas and waking up on the Italian coast to start a Mediterranean yacht cruise or a trip through antiquity. Twin Rolls Royce BR710 engines propel the aircraft at speeds of 560 miles an hour and can reach a cruising altitude of 51,000 ft in minutes for the smoothest possible flight.

Chartering a G500 runs in the neighborhood of $7,500 per flight hour. For a tailored quote, contact The Best of Yachting today at [email protected].



David Newland

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