HAECO Group’s private jet cabin completion specialist, HAECO Private Jet Solutions (“HAECO PJS”), today unveils an innovative cabin interior design for widebody aircraft. The “East meets West” concept encapsulates modern, out-of-the-box design but is also infused with a touch of Asian heritage. The design is adaptable to other aircraft types.

The design concept is a crossover collaboration between HAECO PJS and an international fashion brand. The aim was to create a state-of-the-art cabin interior for Ultra High Net Worth Individuals (“UHNWI”) globetrotting around the world. The user can experience unrivalled comfort in a surrounding that is modern, chic and pioneering.

In order to produce the cabin’s “East meets West” flavor, classic decorative “eastern” lattice patterns are deployed in an otherwise modern, clean and chic “western” cabin setting. Bold use of color is in evidence in the pale green and matte gold of the furniture, which offers both contrast and harmony with the prevailing neutral scheme. Hand woven and painted wallpaper adds to the refined aesthetic.

Unique features of the cabin include a sushi bar – offering flyers a novel experience at 39,000 feet. Meanwhile, to augment the spacious feeling within the cabin, lattice frame dividers were chosen over traditional dividers, which not only provides the illusion of more space but also adds to the modern design impact.

“We are delighted to introduce a brand new design that can be adapted for different aircraft types,” said Henry Chan, VP Commercial of HAECO Private Jet Solutions. “It is the first time HAECO PJS has collaborated with an international fashion brand, resulting in a private jet cabin interior that is simply out of the box.”