What if a yacht could fly? That’s the question Brazilian aerospace manufacturer Embraer asked itself. Its answer is the Skyacht One. Based on Embraer’s popular ultra-long range Lineage 1000, and inspired by a 1930s bespoke yacht called the Thunderbird, the Skyacht One, raises the concept of luxury to all new heights.


It’s apparent from the very first time it catches our eye. The exterior is festooned in pearl white and faux mahogany, with aluminum accents along the wings and rudder. Step inside the plane, and passengers are instantly transported back to more elegant times. The Grand Entry, complete with  galley and embossed leather divan, is decorated with murals of astrolabes and planetary clocks. The walls are handcrafted planks of dark wood with brass fittings, echoing centuries of shipbuilding tradition. The twenty windows inside the main cabin evoke portholes of 19th century steamers. And the amenities seem designed with for month long voyages, even though the actual flight takes mere hours.


The main cabin holds ten leather seats – four in the front, six in the back, with a Chesterfield sofa and full bar with HD monitors in the middle. Passengers can while away the hours in the main cabin, then retire to the dining room (which double as a meeting area) for an inflight meal like no other. The Captain’s Quarters boasts a queen size bed and master bath.


Underneath the elegance is a high-tech aircraft that is in the upper echelons of private jets. Cabin altitude is kept below 7,000 ft. High-speed data communications keep passengers connected. The combined baggage compartments provide 443 cubic feet of storage space, fit for a plethora of vintage steamer trunks, as well as modern day sports equipment and anything else passengers feel fit to bring.


The Skyacht One can fly at altitudes of 41,000 ft, operate at cruising speeds of Mach .82, and reach destinations nearly 4800 statute miles away without refueling. That means flying non-stop from New York to the Italian Riviera, or Chicago to Hawaii.


There is no better way to begin a chartered yacht voyage, than to arrive on a jet that is designed like a yacht. A perfect experience, like no other in the travel world. For more information, contact The Best of Yachting today at [email protected]