From the chicest city down under to the sultry desert painted in saffron and gold, Melbourne to Bahrain is a journey best taken by private jet. As Bahrain makes way for their annual Grand Prix celebrations, you can expect the spice souks to be brimming with speed lovers and sophisticated visitors. The Bahrain Grand Prix is considered to be one of the most exciting fixtures in the F1 thanks to its former winners line up, it’s exhilarating class A tracks, and its abundance of palatial like parties.

With a long-range flight time of close to 15 hours, you want a jet that allows you to touch down in statement style and step onto the track in a cool and collected fashion. Here are our favorite private jets to whisk you away to the decadence of Bahrain…

Legacy 500

The Legacy 500 is an arc across the sky dream, boasting a speed of 440 knots and a range of 300nm. Take an entourage of 12 and rest easy for the 15 hours and 36-minute flight. The safety features on the Legacy 500 are top notch, with a stick fly-by-wire that pilots love, and a generous cabin of 27 ft, flat bed space, and wet and dry galley that passengers are sure to adore.

Hourly rate $4,671

Gulfstream G200

With space for up to 10 passengers and room for 5 to sleep, the Gulfstream G200 makes long haul travel a simple and stylish feat. A max range of 3600 nm and a max operating speed of 0.85 combines power and speed to get you from Melbourne to the spice souks of Bahrain in no time. Cruising at an altitude of 45000 ft. this mid-size business jet boasts subtle contours, wings that won’t drag, and a cabin height of 6-foot. Windows stream with sunlight and a lower cabin pressure means you will arrive fresh and ready to hit the GP party scene.

Hourly rate $6,349

Legacy 600

Embraer Legacy 600 N317LL s/n 14501007 photographed at KVNY on September 13, 2013 for Clay Lacy Aviation.

The Legacy 600 Executive is a step up for those who really want to fly in style. 13 seats are more than ample, a range of 3250 nm and a speed of 450 knots puts this jet firmly on the map as having some of the most impressive stats out there. If you want to make that leap from Melbourne to Bahrain without dragging your heels, the Legacy 600 Executive will get you there in 15 hours and 16 minutes.

Hourly rate $6,375

Citation XLS

The Citation XLS is one of the most impressively updated offerings from Cessna’s medium jet archives. There is much to love about this jet –  especially for a slightly longer flight. From the dual DVD players with in-seat monitors to the remote cabin temperature control, the ability to convert into 2 club four seating arrangements and first-class refreshment area. With a range of 2000 nm and a speed of 430 knots, the Citation XLS is a great mid-range option.

Hourly rate $4,130

Falcon 20/ 200

The most successful of Dassault’s business jets, the Falcon 20/200 offers a strikingly high-performance of 2510 nm, a speed of 405 knots, and exceptional levels of comfort for an entourage of 8-10.  This classically styled jet means separate lavatory, refreshment area, and a wealthy amount of cabin and baggage space – just what you want when packing for the warm winds of Bahrain.

Hourly rate $4,812