From Geneva to Basel is a simple hop and skip across the snowy sky. Switzerland is a pocketbook country but rather than navigate the alpine roads you can kick back with a whiskey in hand and take in the view from thirty thousand feet. It won’t take a jumbo jet to get you to Basel Mulhouse with only a thirty-minute flight time door to door. These are our finest luxury jets to take you there…

Embraer Phenom 300

Moving fast at 450 knots and a range of 1800 nm, the Embraer Phenom 300 will have you wandering the galleries of Basel in no time. Seven seats and a celebrated high performance in the light weight jet category make this stunning jet a must for any business or pleasure traveler. Another high note has to be the BMW designed interior with lie flat beds that adds that little extra oomph to flying private.

$3225 per hour

Citation CJ3

The Citation CJ3 is an amazing feat of aerodynamic wonder. This 6-seat jet can charter you from Geneva to Basel at a speed of 389 knots and a range of 1488 nm. The mantra behind this aircraft is space, comfort and class –  and boy does she deliver. Executive foldout tables, variable seating arrangements and smooth conditions caused by the computer sculpted wing design ensures you will get there with barely a bump.

$2962 per hour

Legacy 450

Speed is second nature to the Legacy 450, hitting an all-time high of 500 knots and a range of 2500 nm. This 8-seat jet will have you and your entourage in Basel in seconds. Legacy is true to her namesake boasting a library quiet cabin, plenty of stand-up space, a flat floor and choice of wet or dry galley. With features like this it’s no wonder she has earned her weight in gold with several international awards.

$4156 per hour


Citation V N561VP s/n 560-001 photographed for Desert Jet

The Encore is one of the most versatile jets on the run-way, able to hold seven passengers, reach long distances and take off and land on shorter airport stretches. A speed of 380 knots and a range of 1700 nm ensures that passengers get a pitch perfect high performance. While you won’t need them with such a short flight time its nice to know there are individual flat panel entertainment systems and built in restrooms for freshening up before you touch down.

$3466 per hour

Falcon 20 / 200


The most popular business jet by Dassault, the Falcon 20 / 200 hits the sky running with a speed of 405 knots, a range of 2310 nm, and seats for 9. Those looking for exceptional value without compromising on space and comfort, will adore the classic style offerings from the Falcon 20 / 200. A flight crew of two are there to accompany you on the 54-minute journey that will see you climbing to a max ceiling of 42000ft.

$4710 per hour