From croissants and coffee to snow and gold – Paris to Davos is an easy hop across the mountains. The rich and the famous are flocking to the pretty Swiss town as the World Economic Forum rolls out the red carpet from the 23rd until the 26th January. From Donald Trump to Bill Gates, everyone will be there; networking, discussing world issues, and working out how to create a shared future. With lavish chalets for rent, champagne parties with Google, and Alain Ducasse offering pop up tasting menus, the only way to arrive is via a swish private jet. We have picked three fine examples to help you touch down in Zurich before making the chauffeured transfer to Davos…

Hawker 800 / 800XP

It will take just 50 minutes to touch down in Zurich thanks to the speed and sass of the Hawker 800 / 800XP. Space for 8, a top speed of 447 knots, and a stunning range of 2540 nm makes flying an absolute dream. Seating arrangements boast a four-person club section, three-person divan, and a plush forward-facing seat. The cabin is bright and spacious and has more than enough room to stand up and stretch. Full refreshments on board are also a welcome touch for peckish travelers.

Cost between 8 passengers $10,371

Falcon 20/ 200

The most popular business jet by Dassault, the Falcon 20 / 200 hits the sky running with a speed of 405 knots, a range of 2310 nm, and seats for 9. Those looking for exceptional value without compromising on space and comfort, will adore the classic style offerings from the Falcon 20 / 200. A flight crew of two are there to accompany you on the 54-minute journey that will see you climbing to a max ceiling of 42000ft.

Cost between 8 passengers $20,847

Learjet 60

There’s a lot to be said about the Learjet 60 – this is a medium sized business jet that packs a punch when it comes to power. 7 seats, a speed of 447 knots, and a range of 2200 nm means that you can rocket from Paris in Zurich in a clean 50-minute window. This jet will climb 4,500 feet per minute, of course – passengers don’t need to worry about feeling the thrust, the pilot’s flying a Learjet 60 are certainly going to be at the top of their game.

Cost between 8 passengers $10,371