Beyond the hustle and bustle of the busy airport terminal lies the world of corporate aviation. Providing a seamless travel option to the corporate traveler the private jet industry offers the ultimate peace of mind. Nestled south of runway 33 is a software firm responsible for a handful of departures each day. Providing business executives an alternative to traditional air travel, FlyEasy has bridged the gap between affordability, efficiency and luxury.

Meeting Paul Mulko

Founded in 2014 by Shaan Bhanji, FlyEasy has now launched the world’s first free jet charter search platform. Paul Mulko, VP of Sales, believes that an executive’s wasted time correlates to money lost and that their peace of mind is priceless. Mulko explains “When executives fly commercially they are drained mentally in that environment. As a corporate executive you are expected to be at your best 100% of the time. Flying private provides the state of mind to make those tough decisions. Removing the logistical stress when flying allows executives to focus their effort on growing revenue for the firm. What we’re doing is bringing efficiencies to the industry which tends to be where commercial aviation has progressed. Over the years, we have been working closely with charter professionals and have solidified our position in the industry as the GDS for private aviation.”

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The Value of Openpoint

FlyEasy’s strategical fremium approach provides an alternative to traditional “marketplace” platforms which charge their users. This methodology has shown to have increased their user base. As overall subscriptions have gone up, there strategy has proved to be working. OpenPoint is responding to their customers demands and has offered a versatile approach to the traditional market. Thus, enabling operators to have greater reach, allowing them to play an integral role in flight bookings. The platform simplifies the process of sourcing an aircraft by allowing users to enter there departure airport and providing a series of onscreen prompts to build and submit a streamlined charter inquiry. OpenPoint distinguishes itself from the competition by scanning all aircraft and air operators based (at or) within a close proximity of the departure airport for round-trip and multi-leg trip profiles. Additionally during one-way charter requests, OpenPoint scans both departure and arrival airports for aircraft as well as real-time empty leg and transient availability. In further catering to the user OpenPoint ranks its operators in order of estimated pricing from lowest to highest cost.

Value of Openpoint

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The Growth of Openpoint:

Operating in a niche market FlyEasy is celebrating four years of success. An accomplishment which is attributed to responding to their customer needs and listening. As a technology startup FlyEasy believes in the importance of fostering growth and through comradery. The vision for OpenPoint is to maintain a database of 98% of all the available aircraft worldwide, opening up additional avenues for clients in transportation. Thus, growing with the operators and providing them tools as they grow will be integral to FlyEasy’s continued success. As Mulko points out responding to the increasing demand globally in the charter industry is their next step.