Since the dawn of humanity, the human race has sought ways to reduce time. Thomas Edison once said: “Time is really the only capital that any human being has, and the only thing he can’t afford to lose”. From the early days of ocean liners, to the launch of the jet age humanities quest for rapid transit has been paired with luxury. While private jet travel offers time incentives for businesses, luxury offers the true reward in both business and personal transportation.

The typical private jet offers both efficiency and luxury to its guest. A jet is a tool that can save in cost and time. To a business traveler time is considered currency. They seek control, a­nd the mitigation of risk to achieve value. A jet allows the business traveler to buy time, offering a maximum return on investment. Time savings offers the business traveler value in transportation, while luxury offers value in both personal and business travel. The private jet industry is a symphony, hitting all right notes prior, during and post flight. This clock work of success offers comfort to a business traveler trying to make there 11 am appointment, or a family looking to enjoy the details in the luxury experience.

Family & Personal Travel

Flying a private jet offers an investment in comfort, safety, and peace of mind. Flying privately allows you to control your families schedule and customize your on-board amenities. Personal transportation on board a private jet will allow you relax in the confines of your own space. When flying onboard a jet it is an extension of your personal home, allowing you to carry your family pet and truly embrace the luxury experience.

An Industry Overview:

In the private jet world there are also different classes of travelers. There are travelers who are apart of fractional jet card programs, travelers whose corporations own the aircraft, and travelers who rely on charter operators for transportation. There’s a wide range of options from time sharing to private ownership and extreme private ownership. The private jet world is characterized by both small and large aircraft; which include anything from a Phenom100 to something as large as an Airbus Corporate Jet A380. The commonality between all sectors is travelers will pay for comfort, style and speed.

The New Business Traveler

With the commercialization of the private jet industry additional options have opened up for the airline business traveler. You can now fly on a private jet cheaper, then flying business class commercially. Empty legs, and jet card programs make this all possible. As private jet firms compete for your consumer spending power, it is important to know which packages are of value to you. In are subsequent articles we will focus on the various options in private jet travel, that work for you. We will then provide travel highlights to make you better informed in your travel decision making. Next time when you travel stay informed of  additional luxury options that will enhance your trip.