Immerse yourself in luxury, with peace of mind that invokes true satisfaction. The single-seat charter market has grown into a viable charter option for many travelers. As corporate executives and families eye to skip the airport terminal, luxury has now taken the front seat. Flying a single seat allows the executive the same wait times as chartering a full corporate aircraft. The differences lie in the industry’s scheduled flight times, and the sharing of corporate aircraft among other users.

Single Seat Charter Operators:

Startups such as Surf Air, JetSmarter, JetSuiteX, Blade, Tradewind Aviation, JetClass, ClipperJet and Air Chicago; have all geared their business towards the corporate executive. According to more than 20% of all commercial flights are delayed, in major hubs such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, and Toronto. This new luxury travel segment offers the corporate executive certainty in his/her travel plans. With airport terminal wait times increasing year after year, these startups offer the airline business class experience with the normalcy of flying a corporate. Single seat charters range from paying $500 a seat per flight to $10000 a month if enrolled in a program

Time Savings

On trips where travel times are 90 minutes  or less, you can further divide these times by arriving in smaller regional airports, that offer a faster route to the city. According JetSuiteX CEO, Alex Wilcox “The commercial short-haul air travel experience has diminished in many cases to the point where driving is a faster and more reliable option”. As the corporate travel industry grows it won’t be long before these flights become GDS based; offering the booking normalcy of commercial airline flights.

Industry Failures & Successes

The private jet industry has seen many trials for success at the single seat market Beacon, JumpJet, Bliss Jet, and even Ubers Black Jet have tried. Executives of these failed corporations have cited poor passenger engagement to a revolutionary model. The current industry successes are attributed to marketing and the acknowledgment from business travelers about airport terminal deficiencies. Furthermore, flying privately allows an executive to miss baggage check lanes, security lineups, and travel experiences which is often referred to as the “airport marathon”.

Industry Overview & Forward Statement

The single-seat charter market is gaining traction. As the industry evolves there is a shift from unscheduled to scheduled routes. As these models become more mainstream, many single-seat carriers will integrate themselves into the existing GDS or Sabre network. It is a popular notion that the scheduled business class sector is a market in its infancy. Historically this market has always had demand. Popular carriers such as Air France & British Airways; democratized this market with the Concorde in the late 70’s. As the industry matures a repetition of yesteryear’s glory of flight will be repeated in Business transportation. The next time when you fly consider your options in transportation and know what class of traveler you fall under. Enjoy luxury that will take you further.

Corporate Jet Travel Classified: Comfort, Price & Privacy

  • Single Seat Charters: The Private Jet Economy Class
    • No Privacy, low cost, minor perks & speed – Scheduled Flights.
  • Empty Leg Charters: The Private Jet Premium Economy Class
    • Privacy, low cost, luxury experience, & speed – Unscheduled Infrequent.
  • Fractional Jet Cards & Block Hours: The Private Jet Business Class
    • Privacy, comfort, luxury experience, & speed – Fly when you want, anytime you want.
  • Company Jet Ownership: The Private Jet First Class
    • Class symbol, corporate family usage, luxury, comfort and speed – Fly when you want, anytime you want.