This familiar mid-range business jet can be outfitted to seat 2 crew and up to 10 passengers, 18 max, in its 62 foot, 3 inch frame. The craft has a cruise speed of 459 kts (560 mph, 850 kph), and a range of 3,400 nmi (3,910 m, 6,300 km) when loaded with 4 passengers and flying at mach .75.

Its familiar 58 ft wingspan lifts the jet to 37,000 ft in 19 minutes, with a ceiling of 45,000 ft. The jet requires 6,340 feet of runway real estate to take off fully loaded. At altitude of 5,000 ft, she requires 8,800 ft in 77 degree weather. Estimated cost per mile on a 4-passenger trip is about $4.90.

NETJETS: http://www.netjets.com/fleet/Gulfstream-G200/