Abeking & Rasmussen Queen of Waves M/Y Cloudbreak

Off the coast of Namotu Island, a famous wave is known to fall, repetitively, with such beautiful and powerful consistency that the native Fijians named her “Cloudbreak” the “Queen of Waves.”

At 238 feet long and weighing over 2.25 tons., the Abeking & Rasmussen explorer Cloudbreak, known for her power, beauty and excellence, so consistent with her maker’s name, is similarly breaking boundaries and winning awards.

Like the powerfully consistent “Cloudbreak,” her builders hoped to create a ship that could inspire and perform; and, thus far, she has done just that.

Not owned by any one captain, or harbored in any single location, the Cloudbreak shares her hold with many a voyager. For $845,000 per week of charter, this ship can go where others may not be able to venture.

The Facts

A tri-level mega yacht, Cloudbreak is able to board as many as twelve guests at a time and twenty-two crewmen. Her range of 8,500 nautical miles, along with her anchor stabilizers, makes for comfortable exploration across the waters.

The Cloudbreak has a cruising speed of 12 knots; and, when necessary, can reach speeds of up to 16.5 knots.


The accommodations onboard bespeak of luxury from stern to bow. On the lower level, a spa room complete with sauna and bath makes life as relaxing as one might wish it to be. A fully-equipped gym also helps make guests feel pleased and refreshed.

And outdoors, more pleasure awaits.

This lagoon-like jacuzzi adorns the top fore deck of Cloudbreak, dizzyingly high above its surroundings; providing stunning, and perhaps literally breathtaking views.

Occupants have exterior-design genius Espen Oeino to thank for this kind of experience. Beneath the mainmast and above the deep blue sea, this spot is a gem in and of itself on board.

Just on the other side of the mast sits a helicopter pad, useful especially for long or more remote voyages.

The Master Suite and Guest Cabins

Back indoors, a visit to the cabins may be in order. The master suite boasts beautiful views of the sea by way of large, nearly ceiling-height windows, which one can attribute to the masterful way interior designer Christian Liaigre thought to include the ocean in his design.

Wooden floors, warm lighting, and white linens stay consistent with the interior design of the rest of the ship. Bookshelves and glass cases embellish the room, while not distracting from the overall feeling of austere simplicity.

The guest cabins also stay consistent with this theme, boasting comfortable, white-linen beds, spacious walking areas, as well as views of the sea.

Due to the inclusion of wooden floors and warm brown accents, the cabins and master suite almost lend the feel of a ski lodge to their occupants, and with wide windows from which one might enjoy views of snowy seascapes and icy bergs upon this explorer, the feel comes across as quite perfect.

The Living Areas

Enter the spacious living area and find soft, white carpet, gorgeous white staircases, an entertainment center, and a unique interior design element that makes the area’s flat-screen television, not the only modern element in the room, look as though it has been housed in blocks of ice, like a cube-shaped igloo. Yet again, designer Christian Liaigre seemed to incorporate intriguingly frozen elements into his design.

The interior of this yacht offers more than just entertainment centers and views of the sea; it also has in store a seemingly limitless supply of couched seating.

A host could comfortably cater to a party of fifty or more with the level of dining, seating, and entertainment areas that can be found.

The party need not stay indoors either. Plenty of sunning spots and lounge areas outside can help create a mix of elements and shelter for any event.

With explorer capabilities and state-of-the-art amenities, this Cloudbreak, or, as one might haply say, this “Queen of the Waves” might take its occupants wherever they wish to go. Its amenities make it fit for cold weather or for warm, for long excursions or for shorter ones. All-in-all, she is a fit companion for almost any voyage.

Should you set sail in her, then we might with pleasure and some envy say our “Bon voyage!”

Steve Johnson

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