Adler Yacht’s recently debuted its Adler Suprema, a yacht conceived from scratch with no pre-existing platform or mold. The Adler Suprema represents a vision from Caro Nuvolari and Dan Lenard to create a yacht that appeals to the growing client base of people seeking fuel efficiency and modest speeds between 15 and 24 knots. The design process took 18 months to complete before designs were ready to be tank tested. The Suprema was designed to be an ideal yacht for cruisers coming from either sailing backgrounds or planing cruisers who want a fuel efficient solution but may be unwilling to buy a slower full-displacement trawler. Efficient yachts such as the Adler Suprema afford their owners a number of luxuries in addition to the money saved when fueling. There is also a considerable time savings when it comes to the refueling process. More efficiency means more time spent cruising and less time spent trying to get fuel during a busy cruising season.

Courtesy of Adler Yacht.

Courtesy of Adler Yacht.

According to Nuvolari one of the many benefits of the Adler Suprema is the ability for owners to specify a high level of customization not often found on other other “production” yachts in this size range. The process of designing a boat is very similar to the process of designing a house says Nuvolari. Owners of smaller yachts pay attention to the details just as much as those who purchase in the 100+ foot range and a builder should strive to satisfy client’s requests.

Every aspect of the Adler Suprema has been designed with efficiency in the fore-front. For example, the superstructure is completely built out of a carbon material to reduce weight, improve stability and comfort when anchored and improve the yacht’s acceleration ability when the time comes to go fast. In addition to it’s aesthetically pleasing profile the vertical bow was also implemented to improve efficiency by increasing waterline length.

Rendering courtesy of Adler Yacht.

The Suprema’s saloon, courtesy of Adler Yacht.

The Alder Suprema’s interior is designed with an open floor plan that incorporates unique features such as large sliding side doors that go a long way in creating an atmosphere where there is a seamless transition between inside and outside. When the doors are closed they serve as large windows for guests in the main saloon to take in their surroundings and feel at one with the scenery and sea. Further enhancing Adler’s commitment to the Suprema’s long-range cruising ability is the self contained pilothouse. If on an overnight ocean passage the pilothouse can be shut off from the saloon and kept dark while guests relax in the fully lit saloon. This feature is uncommon in all but true passage making yachts and is proof that Adler intends for the Suprema to be used for long-legged and extensive exploration. Many similar yachts in this size range intended for day cruises or short weekend cruises feature open layouts where the pilothouse is connected to the saloon and cannot be isolated.  Also included in the layout is a day head for the captain and guests to use without needing to go below to a stateroom.

Adler Suprema saloon. Courtesy of Adler Yachts.

Another look at the Suprema saloon. Courtesy of Adler Yachts.

Overall, the Adler Suprema represents an incredibly well thought out yacht by Nuvolari & Lenard that combines Italian style and craftsmanship with German and Austrian engineering.