Self described Eco-Friendly builder Arcadia Yachts maintains momentum and celebrates its most recent sale to a British client. This marks its 12th unit sold of the A85 model which was originally launched some 7 years ago. With a sell rate of two builds per year and a delivery time of just over four months, it goes to show why the A85 with it’s generous 100m2 of living area on the main deck, a table with seating for 8 guests in the bow area, 4 guest staterooms on the lower deck and accommodation for up to 4 crew members, has international appeal.

eco friendly Arcadia with their new A85

Additional key amenities include a second table suitable for alfresco dining, a spacious aft-deck lounge and finally a large sunning area to maximise outdoor enjoyment. Cruising at a comfortable speed of 16knots with a max of 18, it goes without saying that the A85 has a lot going for it.

al fresco dining and sundeck lounging aboard Arcadia

With its ultra contemporary lines, the A85 design was, and still is, a radical departure from tradition. The unique styling and profile make it a real head turner. Her appeal doesn’t end with her distinctive look, for its only upon closer inspection that you realise there is something very different going on here. Not only is she easy on the eyes, but she is easy on the environment. When you purchase a Yacht by Arcadia, you are buying into a larger philosophy.

the A85 is an extremely efficient model, boasting 30-50% less consumption on the seas

With her twin 730hp MAN diesel engines, this extremely fuel efficient vessel achieves a 30-50% lower consumption rate than that of other comparable semi-displacement yachts with similar dimensions. These impressive numbers are attributed to the semi-planing hull developed by the National Physical Laboratory in England to achieve the most efficient hydrodynamic hull form and length to beam ratio. A superior hull form combined with an exceptionally light superstructure gives this yacht its impressive fuel efficiency which in turn translates to lower operating costs.

Every design decision takes into account the wellbeing of the passenger and the environment

Built with purpose, every design decision takes into account how the wellbeing of the passenger and the environment are impacted. Whether it be reducing noise and vibration levels or using 40m2 of photovoltaic cells to convert solar power into 4.5 kW of zero emissions energy, it all adds up to a smarter use of resources.

The A85 seamlessly integrates outdoor and interior living. Expansive windows matched with roomy spaces elicit a feeling of oneness with the seascape as it passes you by.

Arcadia A85 – a place to be immersed in your surroundings

One can surmise that perhaps the designers were inspired by the words of author Robert M. Pirsig.

“You’re completely in contact with it all.

You’re in the scene, not just watching it anymore, and the sense of presence is overwhelming”.

And at the end of the day, isn’t this really what it’s all about?

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