Arcadia Yachts will be bringing a touch of Italian flair to the 2018 Miami Yacht Show with the American premiere of their 60 foot/18.2 metre Sherpa motor yacht. Inspired by working vessels, her classic exterior design is both practical and sporty with a light, modern superstructure that is sure to turn heads.

One feature that Americans are sure to love is the cleverly-designed upper deck. Owners can imagine being a suave Bond villain as they hit the button that completely encloses the space by side windows. Just like with a convertible sports car, this neat trick gives you the option to both enjoy the good weather and be protected from the elements when necessary.

This thoughtful detail makes Sherpa especially suited to the American market as her owners can enjoy being onboard all year round. The upper deck area is also air-conditioned to make dealing with very hot climates a breeze.

When weather conditions are conducive to outdoors living, Sherpa offers two large aft-facing sofas on the 50 square meter/538 square foot deck which convert into generously-sized sun pads. A few steps away the deck drops down to water level, inviting guests to take a dip in the sea or perhaps indulge in an afternoon of fishing.

As well as celebrating man’s close connection with the sea with an abundance of open air spaces, Arcadia has also embraced clean technologies to reduce Sherpa’s environmental impact. Solar cells integrated into the superstructure power many of Sherpa’s instruments and systems, while the boat’s lithe semi-planing NPL¬† hull design significantly reduces fuel consumption.

There are two interior arrangements to choose from, with the possibility for owners to adapt their yacht even further within those designs. One offers a stunning master cabin with a private spa area as well as another comfortable cabin, while the other features a master suite with a lounge area that can be easily sectioned off to create additional spaces.

Arcadia seeks to customize each motor yacht to meet the exact requirements of their new owners so every Sherpa yacht is slightly different. This approach stems directly from Arcadia’s guiding philosophy. Instead of merely building boats, Arcadia enables people to fulfill their dreams by creating a yacht that is a perfect match.