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Sept. 28, 2016 — In de rigueur James Bond style, Aston Martin premiered its latest 007-worthy transport at the Monaco Yacht Show today, but this model prefers aquatic highways as opposed to Furka Pass. The AM37 promised, and delivered Aston Martin power, beauty, and soul, unveiling automotive genetics dovetailed with marine expertise from Quintessence Yachts and chic styling from Mulder Design. The result is a fast, elegant speedboat with a myriad of hidden skills.

Understated and timeless, the simple lines of the AM37’s epoxy resin composite, vacuum-infused hull, produced in the finite element method (FEM), assure performance and style are meticulously translated from concept to experience. Lightweight and low resistance, the hull is focused on performance, but also considered the sound made by the motors, delivering an all-around Aston Martin luxury brand feel that embraces all the senses.

A double curved windscreen wraps the dash in a single sweep. Perfectly detailed fine leather dash elements are highlighted with polished metal. Integrated navigation, control monitor, and entertainment systems put total command at the helm. A 15″ HD touchscreen puts controls in the hands of all guests for the sound system, lighting, and appliances.

Leather seating for eight does a C-curve around the aft section of the cockpit. A carbon fiber hard top bimini deftly moves up into place upon push button command from its stow-space under the stylish rear deck, which also tilts up to access the engine. A platform extends from the aft deck for convenient boarding and swimming.

The smartly outfitted air conditioned cabin includes a banquette sofa, dining table, small galley with microwave, Nespresso coffeemaker, refrigerated drawer, bathroom with shower, and 48″ television screen. The tabletop and banquette move into to a double bed, transitioning from dayboat to overnighter. An on board server keeps favorite films and music at the ready. Rogier van der Heide’s hidden LED lighting truly sets the mood, changing focus and color both inside and out, creating dramatic effects that change the look of the boat.

Available in the standard AM37 model, for a 45-knot clip, or the AM37S that tops 50 knots, the model is available for order. The boat can be customized with Aston Martin paint colors as well as a variety of Quntessence Yachts leathers, stitches, and materials. Additional add-ons include a generator, bow thruster, underwater lights, cocktail bar, and sun beds. One options seems almost mandatory: the optional Champagne cooler that will perfectly chill that bottle of bubbly, instructed remotely via smart phone. It’s all about priorities.