Smart, efficient, and beautiful, Feadship’s advanced technology on a new, 83-metre motor yacht build proves a very attractive option for those interested in making the most of their assets. Feadship has gleaned the best of the best concepts in designing this innovative propulsion system, ramping up the competition in the realm of a superb yachting experience.

imageMystery doors near the aft portion of the hull maybe an intregal component of Feadship’s Revolutionary “Breath” Propulsion System

The Breathe propulsion system works through an eco-friendly electro-mechanical design aided by the slipstream-slim hull design and a single medium-speed main engine and central propeller, which also generates power in range mode, reducing the drain on the main. The contra-rotating azimuth sternthruster, just aft of the main propeller, is key to this cost-effective technology.

imageProject 686 leaving the shipyard


The overall 20 percent reduction in fuel use provides obvious benefits in cost, while maintaining range and reducing the ship’s environmental footprint. The sleek hull design reduces resistance by as much as 30 percent at a 15 knot cruising speed.

Feadship highlighted the system in 2010 as a Future Concept, followed in practice in the build of the 2011 “Qi”, now coming into its own as a solid choice for an ecologically-minded technology that does not require the use of sails. Feadship director Henk de Vries notes that the system will provide increased efficiency of 18-30 percent, depending on which of four options is chosen, along with other details of the individual yacht. De Vries also cites that system costs are returned within two years, based on an average use schedule.


imageThere appears to be full height windows hidden behind the plywood. This is going to be a striking superyacht.

Netherlands-based Feadship has been leading the way in technology, design, and integrity in the build and maintenance of superb bespoke yachts since 1849.  They also operate a charter/refit service dedicated to the industry. For more information go to For everything interesting in the excellence of the yachting world, regularly check updates on