John Rosatti has one incredible office. Of course, he has a de rigueur land-based facility, but his favorite C-suite floats on water.

A seriously successful serial entrepreneur, Rosatti has always loved being on the water. His grandfather, a Lt. Commander in the Navy, engaged his love of water early on through fishing trips. His father worked the waters of New York Harbor as a tugboat captain. Rosatti inherited his father’s and grandfather’s passion, renting boats with friends from a young age to explore Sheepshead Bay. Today, Rosatti enjoys time on board his own 162-foot Christensen yacht, Remember When.

Hull 35 Remember When

Rosatti’s first boat was a 1976 35-foot Cigarette Mistress, known for its speed as well as its sexy lines. His passion for beautiful, functional, and exotic mechanical toys also extends to motorcycles, jets, and automobiles, but far and away his favorite place to work and play is on board his current yacht, Remember When.

Hull 35 Remember When

Rosatti has dovetailed the yachting lifestyle perfectly with business, launching his recent cuisine-conscious, farm-to-tray BurgerFi restaurant chain, and managing a long list of additional interests, from the yacht about four months out of each year.

“When you work hard and you make money, you should own a plane, you should own a boat, and you should own a good car,” Rosatti advises, adding that those who manage their BurgerFi franchises well can aspire to a list of similar rewards.

Remember When’s five guest cabins, 15 bathrooms, plus a master suite, allow ample space for business guests to relax and enjoy Rosatti’s magnificent yacht. Lush interiors framed with high-gloss walnut cabinetry and radiant-heat marble flooring are just the beginning of a long list of posh features designed to pamper every guest.

Hull 35 Remember When

Rosatti’s first Christensen was, the 157-foot Motor Yacht Nice N Easy. His experience with Nice N Easy confirmed that the Christensen brand to be the best large yacht available. His second Christensen a semi custom build made a fast friend of Christensen CEO Joe Foggia, due to their shared values of excellence and superior quality.

Hull 35 Remember When

Rosatti and Foggia continue to work together on Rosatti’s third yacht from the esteemed shipyard, reserving information about its statistics for only those who need to know. Rosatti allows simply that his third Christensen will enjoy the same features as his current yacht, but magnified and expanded, adorned with every upscale detail available to make life on board as luxurious as possible.

Hull 35 Remember When

Rosatti treasures time on board spent with his family. Without interruption, the family captures high quality time together, enjoying the on board amenities and great locations along the way. Favorites include the Brown and Howard Marina at Newport, R.I., and New York’s “Canyon’s”, a secret set of coordinates Rosatti declines to share. Additional destinations in The Bahamas, California, Mexico, Palm Beach and the Hamptons round out itineraries.

Hull 35 Remember When

In addition to the Christensen quality, Rosatti cites the importance of his valuable crew, from the Captain, First Mate, and Chief Engineer, to the Chef and Head Steward. Most of his crew hails from South Africa, and most have been with him ten years or more.

“The Captain takes care of the business of boating,” Rosatti explains, adding that his Captain’s insight and excellent skill ensure time spent on board will be trouble-free for Rosatti and his guests. With a crew of 10, the comfort, safety, and pleasure factors keep guests focused on relaxing and enjoying every moment on the yacht, fishing, catching lobsters, enjoying the water and each other’s company. It also allows Rosatti to focus on business demands as they arise.



As the BurgerFi chain rapidly expands, that last point will prove increasingly important. The chain is poised for huge success, with 33 stores currently open and 45-50 by the end of the year, with 80 planned for next year.

Great burgers, made from Colorado-raised Myer’s Ranch beef, have no hormones or pesticides. The potatoes are all fresh, never frozen. The vegetables are local, first quality produce, and the décor features recycled, reprocessed materials in the furnishings, with monster fans that help reduce the energy footprint. Stylish, health-oriented, and high quality, BurgerFi reflects Rosatti’s own preferences, finding a huge following whenever new franchises open.

John Rosatti’s Remember When has taken his business, his family, and his friends to important financial, social, and emotional destinations over the years. His yachting lifestyle is one that remains available to all with the drive, desire, and persistence to achieve it. Where will your first yachting adventure take you?


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