It’s true. Every yacht on the water is envious of the Riva Iseo. Here’s why.

This stunningly crafted yacht is just a mere 27 feet, yet commands a presence that features materials and design of yachts three times her size. In haute Riva style, exceptional woods, sumptuous leathers, and gleaming steel come together in an harmonic composition of impeccable form and function.

Highly maneuverable even in the shallowest of bays, and blurring past at a comfortable 40 kts, the Iseo was conceived of collaborative genius from Riva’s Officina Italiana Design, Ferretti Group’s Advanced Yacht Technology, and the iconic Centro Stile Ferrettigroup. Named for the location where founding father Pietro Riva began his work 172 years ago, Lake Iseo near Sarnico, Italy seems the perfect launch for this statement yacht. She is, however, eager to spread her seafaring wings, navigating equally well across open water.

Sporting iPad software designed for Riva by Apple, her infotainment and GPS systems keep owners current on the weather forecast, livestream radio, TV, and playlists, as well as the owner’s manual. Fitted with a variety of propulsion systems, and Ferretti Group’s ZEM, zero emission mode hybrid propulsion innovation, she is speedy, yet plush and comfy throughout the cabin.  The Iseo is supremely portable via custom trailer. Her most stylish convertible cover is a smooth operation that protects in an instant.

If an inflatable tender just won’t do, look to the Riva Iseo to complete the style statement made by your primary yacht. It is guaranteed to turn just as many heads, including your own. To keep current on yachting news, or to inquire about reserving stylish yacht charters for your next yachting experience, contact [email protected] Continue to stay abreast of the industry through the partner site, www.TheBestofYachting.com.

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