This time of year when the news is filled with pictures of snow, traffic, and icy conditions will inspire you to book your charter to the Greek islands during the summer Mediterranean season. In a few months you can enjoy the white of the seaside architecture, brilliant floral displays, stunning vistas, and aqua-colored ocean of the islands of Greece. As you enjoy your Greek Charter Yacht, you will note that you are tendering in style. The Pascoe DT Tender sets the super yacht tender standards for the rest of the industry.


The Aegean Sea surrounds the ruins from civilizations of the past. You can immerse yourself in art, culture, and history while enjoying your Greek Charter Yacht and Pascoe DT Tender. The Pascoe DT hull and deck layout provide ample room for 12 while cruising among the islands. The hull was designed by Ocke Mannerfelt Design, with a focus on a dry and smooth ride from tender to yacht and back again among the 2,000 islands.


Destination Greece has you enjoying the islands of Spetses, Milos, Athens, Santorini, and Mykonos among others. The seven days among the islands will provide you will a glimpse into the idyllic life of modern day Greece, as well as the storied ancient birthplace of the god Apollo of mythology, the Paraportiani Church, the Christian catacombs, and Paradise Beach.



Pascoe prides itself on its craftsmen and engineers. The new Pascoe DT Tender is quiet, is well balanced, has a maximum speed of 36 knots, is a length of 8.00 m, and is spacious for a perfect time on the water. Additionally, the Pascoe DT advertises its versatility by offering a perfect platform of delivery for watersports such as wakeboarding and water skiing. The flip-down boarding steps and bow canopy maximize the tender’s use and space. The tenders include D section inflatable collars for protection purpose only, which lessen intrusion into the space area, so guests feel as if they are sitting in the boat.

Premium performance and seaworthiness are trademarks of the Southampton Tender Company. Select the best charter yacht, tender, and Greek excursion for a summer escape from the hustle and bustle of every day life.


Length Overall: 8.00 m
Beam: 2.56 m
Overall Height: 1.57 m
Weight (light): 2000 kg
Fuel Capacity: 130 litres
Water Capacity: 25 litres
Recommended Power: 260 hp
Maximum Speed*: 36 knots
Passenger Capacity: 12
CE category: C