Adventurous souls will be thrilled by Damen’s latest project, the 180 foot/55.50 metre Power Play. Announced earlier this month by the Dutch shipyard, she is the sixth build of their versatile YS 5009 design from their respected Yacht Support line.

Like her YS 5009 sister ships Axis, Shadow and Ad-Vantage, Power Play has been designed for serious adventurers without compromising on high comfort levels. New features include her breathtaking 50 square meter Dive Center which provides a dedicated space ideal for planning and preparing for challenging dives.

As you might expect from a Damen support vessel, she offers firstclass capabilities like her 12-ton crane and sturdy A-frame fittings to enable retrieval and launch of submersibles and other crucial equipment. Small light aircraft and tenders can easily be stowed on her expansive deck, meaning that the sky’s literally the limit when it comes to exploration and playtime!


Speaking about the popularity of Power Play’s sister ships, Damen Product Director Mark Vermeule remarked, “It’s inspiring to see how a new generation of owners is driving this market. It’s very dynamic, it’s not the conventional thinking about luxury yachting. Our clients have fantastic ideas for diving, aircraft, luxury toys and serious boats. They are planning adventures of a lifetime and even getting involved in underwater exploration, science, film-making or racing yacht events.”

When it comes to kicking back and relaxing after all that exploring, Power Play delivers style and comfort in spades. Her interior layout boasts three suites which can receive up to six guests as well as a spacious main lounge with panoramic windows and a sun deck. She also has capacity for a crew of 7 and additional space for up to four specialised staff or pilots. Although designed primarily as a support vessel for larger yachts, her capabilities and well-designed interior make her a compelling option for adventurous owners looking for a standalone vessel.

Power Play is currently under construction with delivery anticipated in the summer of 2018.