DAMEN has just marked an exciting moment in the construction of their SeaXplorer 77 expedition yacht as they laid the vessel’s keel at the yard’s Galati facility on the banks of the Danube river. The milestone which marks the first official step in the construction work was celebrated with a ceremony during which the yacht’s future owner welded the traditional coin onto the keel.

The 252 foot SeaXplorer 77 has much in common with the SeaXplorer 65 which is currently under construction and is scheduled to be fitted out at the end of this year. Product Director Mark Vermeulen explained that, “The SeaXplorer 77 shares the range’s core attributes: compliance with the IMO Polar Code, the long periods of autonomy at sea, and the crossover of superyacht luxury with professional capability. But the design incorporates many specific client requirements such as his passion for heliskiing.” 

The SeaXplorer’s key features will include a reinforced hull suitable for polar cruising, a ski room equipped with snowmobiles, and a full helipad on the deck along with a hangar so the owner’s helicopter can be stored in a protected environment away from the elements. In total SeaXplorer is expected to be able to cruise for up to 40 days and boasts a top speed of 14.5 knots. Although designed with adventurous cruising in mind, the yacht’s new owner also lists comfort as a high priority while experiencing some of the world’s most extreme landscapes. When completed she will be able to accommodate up to 12 overnight guests as well as a crew of 25 which is expected to include helicopter pilots and guides.

The next stage in the SeaXplorer’s journey will be the construction of the hull, following which the vessel will travel to DAMEN’s yard in the Netherlands where the build will be completed. She is scheduled to be delivered to her new owner in the final quarter of 2020.