Savannah (1)

When I previewed this innovative Feadship yacht at the shipyard back in May, I knew immediately that she was in an elite category worthy of “Yacht of the Year” status. Launched on Jan. 25, 2015, this 83.5 m/274 ft Superyacht Savannah slipped her hybrid hull confidently into the water. Equipped with an innovative combination of technologies, Savannah illustrates the Feadship 2010 Breathe concept as poetry in motion, delivering the first of its kind with a smoother, quieter, more efficient yacht, driven by a hybrid, electro-mechanical propulsion system.

Savannah (2)

With one, large commercial engine, in sequence with the opposing turn of the electric motor in the slipstream, Savannah offers a zero emission mode that can run on battery for many hours, effortlessly reducing fuel consumption by 30 percent. The diesel prop, 40 percent larger than normal, assisted by the azimuting thruster with azipull, variable pitch propeller, and million watt li-ion battery, are enhanced by the elegantly streamlined steel hull and aluminum superstructure to deliver exceptional style and superb performance.

Savannah (4)

Among Savannah’s many striking features, the beach club windows aft provide underwater viewing from the lounge, made possible by thick glass providing striking scenes below the waterline. Additionally, there is a large pool on the aft deck, two 9m tenders with immediate access to the main deck stair, and a menu of delicious options that make her one of the most intelligent, distinctive, and engaging choices on the water.

Savannah (7)

Savannah can accommodate 12 guests, assisted by 26 crew, in contemporary comfort and luxurious detail. Under Canadian ownership, her maneuverability, efficiency, and beauty will earn admiring glances around the globe.