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Vikal International of Perth, Australia prides itself on its Custom Limousine tenders. As you move from your Caribbean charter yacht to go see the sites of Dominica, you will understand this pride. The Custom Limousines come in twelve styles. The fine leather interior can spaciously seat from 6 to 16 passengers depending on the style you employ.

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As you plan your day trip to the visit the beaches of Puerto Plata, you can cool off in the air-conditioned tender and sip a glass of the local Vizcaya rum cocktail. Don’t forget to explore the Cordillera Central mountain range in the middle of the island. Its parks and streams will thrill you. The bow-opening door will allow for ease as you spend another day exploring the historical sites in Zona Colonial. Walking the same route as the Spanish Conquistadors will allow you to plunge into the essence of Santa Domingo.

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Safety and top-of-the-line luxury are seamlessly combined with the Vikal Custom Limousine as all tenders are constructed and crafted to world-class specifications and CE certifications. No other tender can move you across the topaz blue waters of the Caribbean Sea toward the night-life and rhythmic sounds of tropical Dominica like the Vikal Custom.

General Specifications:


Tender 33

Overall Length: 11.3 metres
Beam: 3.5 metres
Height o/all: 2.3 metres
Weight, dry: 6 tonne (dry)
Maximum speed: 46 knots
Generator : 1 x Fischer Panda 4.5 KW
Capacity: 14 passengers + 2 crew
Engines: Twin 370 hp Volvo Diesel
Propulsion: Volvo DPR Duo SS