Flying yacht specialist FOILER has just unveiled the new FOILER 2020 which features many revolutionary upgrades on her sister model, the FOILER 2019, including a  forward cockpit and industrial-grade propulsion system. The yacht is entirely built from carbon fibre with four hydrofoils which allows you to fly over the waves at speeds of up to 40 knots. When the hydrofoils are retracted, the FOILER 2020 can be used as a traditional powerboat, making her an ideal choice as a small day boat or a trendy superyacht tender.

The FOILER 2020 also features a groundbreaking new joystick which gives more control than ever for those in the driving seat in the bow. This development is the result of a close collaboration with ENATA over the past year and allows for adjustment of the speed and direction of the yacht. The joystick can be pulled back and forward to vary the speed and from side to side to control direction, making her incredibly easy to manoeuvre.

As you would expect from a top luxury yacht builder, all of FOILER’s designs can be customised to match your exact requirements. For the model shown here her new owner made a special request for Charles Baudelaire’s poem L’Homme et la Mer to be inscribed onto the white deck along with a nautical map. The white coloring of the deck was also chosen as a practical solution to preventing the deck from becoming too hot under the summer sun.

The new FOILER 2020 will be on show at the Abu Dhabi International Boat Show which runs from October 16th to 19th where the FOILER team will be on hand to answer any queries.