Giovanni Costantino: The Man, The Brand, and The Vision

“An inspiring personal vision powerfully spoken that becomes shared will pull for it’s own fulfillment”
Larry Briggs “Vision To Action”


The above quote was shared with me by one of my mentors a few years back. During my visit to the Italian Sea Groups shipyard in Carrara Italy last May, I was privileged to observed a living example.

Tecnomar. Admiral. Nuovi Cantiera Apuania. All impressive names. All solid brands. And now, all under one umbrella.

Giovanni Costantino has a vision, and it’s changing the way ships, yachts, and technology meet the sea. As Tecnomar Yachts, Admiral Yachts, and NCA naval shipbuilders and refitters band together through Costantino’s vision to form The Italian Sea Group, remarkable change is in the air.


Building on his background of multinational experience with fine leather furniture firm Natuzzi, Costantino upended the norm, rethinking the design of luxury yacht interiors. Merging his ultrastylish ideals and keen business sense with the sleek hull forms of Tecnomar Yachts, Costantino lent the already polished brand an even brighter luster upon acquiring 51 percent of Tecnomar Yachts in 2009. Pairing with a financial partner he eventually jettisoned, it proved only the beginning of an exciting new era in Italy’s nautical circles.

Admiral Tecnomar (82)

Costantino’s strategy continued to strengthen his brand through the addition of  the Admiral yacht group. Via a $30 million winning bid at auction, Costantino took the helm of yet another valuable yachting brand. The application of his expertise, combined with the heritage of two outstanding yacht designers and builders, sent credibility and demand skyward for the group’s products. As if that weren’t satisfactory, Costantino’s next move found him acquiring naval shipbuilders and refitters Nuovi Cantieri Apuania, NCA, ensuring a steady stream of work from an expanded sector.


Not content to just live out ideas on paper, Costantino further proved his passion by moving his headquarters to the recently redesigned Marina di Carrara in Tuscany. The fabulous remodel created an exquisite space for Italian Yacht Group clients that epitomizes the experience of what a yacht purchase should be. There are galleries filled with inspiring art, stylish meeting rooms augmented with a restaurant, bar, and cinema, and a stream of events that engage local residents and clients alike. Additionally, the top two floors house offices overlooking the 500 meter shoreline, providing additional space for post graduate study in engineering, technology, and design through the Universities of Pisa and Genoa.

Admiral Tecnomar (16) (1)

The redesign of the marina space is nothing short of groundbreaking when contrasted with the rough interiors of most shipbuilding facilities, particularly those headquartered in Asia. The 100,000 meter work/design/entertainment space appeals to both the industrial as well as the luxury sides of this dynamic business.

Admiral Tecnomar (52)

With a full production schedule delivering five yachts throughout the summer of 2014, and a total of ten yachts measuring in at a combined length of 500m sold/under construction, the Italian Sea Group is not only busy, but in high demand. Five exquisite launches this summer, including Admiral’s Imperio 37, Maxima 47, Regale 45, and Custom 35, plus the Tecnomar Nadara 40, confirm the group’s prestige with elegant delivery and flawless follow through. A commanding presence at the London, Dusseldorf, Dubai, Hainan, Cannes, Monaco, and Fort Lauderdale yacht and boat show events further enhance the group’s status.


Expressly for those demanding a culture of excellence, Costantino’s Italian Sea Group at Marina di Carrara is surely the most satisfying destination for deciding on your next yacht purchase.



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