When you’re looking to make a statement – backed up with highly efficient performance and understated luxury – then the award-winning Aquariva Super delivers on every level.

Stylish and powerful at every turn, the Super is a modern classic that bristles with technological advances, but harks back to its forerunner that found fame through association with the likes of Elizabeth Taylor, Sofia Loren and Brigitte Bardot.

Naturally, with its pedigree and reputation, the boat’s exterior deftly nods to the timeless and peerless legend of the Aquarama, a vessel that is still an object of desire even today.

A double winner of the European Open Yacht in the 40-60 feet category, the 10m Aquariva Super pleasantly bursts with Italian bravado, thanks to a full throaty innovative, electronically-controlled two-speed gearbox.

Either suited as a tender for a superyacht or as standout watercraft, the 6.69-ton vessel packs acceleration into twin-powered 370 HP Yanmar engines, that offer guests the thrill of a ride at a top speed of 41.5 knots.

While hankering for the past, the vessel is outfitted with mahogany wood and complimented with high-tech Kevlar composites and finished with stainless steel fixtures, give it a highly polished look.

Aquariva Super 5

Riva’s dedication to the glories of the past is brought alive with the huge cockpit, wheel and dashboard as its original vessels were tailored to big American cars.

And to invoke the shadows of the Bardots and Lorens, the Super is outfitted with a sumptuous sun pad at the stern.

While the Aquariva Super was born for soft and elegant lines, for fine woods (the mahogany deck panelling with maple inlays) and luxurious leather finishes, its quintessential Italian.

Intended for couples, the yacht has a large double berth and a small galley at starboard, while the windscreen wraps coolly around the 2.8m beam.

The vessel has been lovingly designed by the Riva brand, now part of the Ferretti Group. Officina Italiana Design, responsible for all of Riva’s concepts, developed the model, with naval architecture and engineering from Ferretti’s in-house design team.