Riding on the success of recently sold SeaXplorer75 and SeaXplorer65, both currently under construction, DAMEN SeaXplorer introduced a new 55metre(183 ft.) design concept at this years Monaco Yacht Show.

The design and functionality that went into the new smaller model benefits from the same expertise and knowledge that went into designing the larger versions.

The exterior design details were conceived in partnership with EYOS Expeditions, a world leader in the expedition business. Details ranging from the hull form and bridge layout to the tender davits and Zodiac boarding arrangements were all influenced by the extensive experience and expertise of the EYOS group.

Due to the adventure seeking nature of an expedition style vessel, space is allotted for up to 17 crew including expedition staff, pilots and guides. The guest quarters consist of 6 cabins that can accommodate up to 12 guests. The 55metre yacht measures 1,090 Gross Tons which translates to a very high volume vessel by anyone’s standards.

Guest areas such as the Observation Lounge or outdoor bow point observation deck offer a most spectacular vantage point to enjoy a panoramic view by which nature’s beauty and wonder can be truly appreciated.

Compliant with the IMO Polar Code, a reinforced hull and ice breaking stern give the SeaXplorer expedition yacht the freedom to venture into some of the most remote and frozen regions in the world. The Northwest Passage and Antarctic suddenly become viable destinations for this self sufficient and sea worthy vessel.

When building your own SeaXplorer vessel, the list of possible features are endless and run as long as the dreamer who can dream them.

Whether it be Custom Interiors, a Helicopter pad, a Dive Centre with decompression chamber or space to store, not tow, a multiday expedition boat, such options are all up for grabs when designing a SeaXplorer.