Everything is relative, including size, but if you’re talking cubic meters of space on board a luxury superyacht, the distinctive Lürssen Dilbar wins, hands down. Longer in feet, the Lürssen Azzam measures 590’7″/180m compared to Dilbar’s 511’8″/156m stretch, but Dilbar is set apart by her own standards. An interior volume of 15,917 GT puts Dilbar squarely in the lead for space with an impressive 3800 square meters dedicated to owner and guest areas alone. Her interiors are reportedly some of the most lavish ever grace the seas.

According to Peter Lürssen, CEO of Lürssen Yachts, Dilbar presented exceptional challenges in terms of dimension and technology. Her massive size took 52 months to build at a cost estimated at 600 million Euros, requiring more than 10,000 square meters of painting and fairing on the surface, fitted with over 1100 km of cabling. She is powered by a 30,000 kw diesel electric power plant, the largest and most powerful ever installed on board a yacht. Her indoor pool is the largest ever constructed on a yacht, holding 180 cubic meters of water. It is estimated that 40 guests can be accommodated in 20 cabins, with 35 crew cabins housing 80 staff to service and crew the yacht and its guests.

Two helipads, one at the bow and one at the aft of the sun deck, await landing of the Airbus H175 helicopter tender, transporting seven passengers in two seating areas. The custom build boasts interiors by Pegasus Design, embracing windows that dim on electronic command, in-flight connectivity, and map images from externally mounted cameras on the tail fin, entertaining guests with surrounding views.

Timeless and classic interiors by London’s Andrew Winch Designs complement the haltingly beautiful Espen Øino exterior fashioned in ivory, embellished with distinctive bronze hardware. To create the Russian billionaire owner’s stylish home on the water, Winch summoned a unique list of materials of peerless quality, and engaged them in the deep details of the interior design to create a unique cultural atmosphere throughout the yacht. Natural woods and a fair-complexioned color palette are dramatically accented with ebony. The top three decks are wrapped in full height glass that offers commanding views.  Lighting is unobtrusive and beautiful, focused on creating moods according to whim.

The main deck features the same expansive glazing, interrupted briefly by a stroke of superstructure amidships. On the lower deck, six oversize horizontal windows and an array of vertical windows are joined by more than 80 round portholes to both port and starboard, forward on the upper two decks and on the lowest level, inviting sunlight into all areas of the yacht. Circular forward superstructures overhang the deck edge on two different levels in a curve that expands viewing angles to all areas save directly aft.

A large square of glazing on the aft of the yacht, just above the beach club, and a number of pop out decks, to both port and starboard, on two upper decks, allow guests to engage with sea views and al fresco dining. The beach club is flanked by stairs to port and starboard, landing at the first deck and continuing up to the next, emphasizing the size and style of the yacht.

Leaving the Bremen, Germany yard for a June 22, 2016 delivery, Dilbar made her initial voyage to Tangiers, Morocco, and was most recently spotted off the Sicilian coast at Tarranoa, no doubt summering in the Mediterranean tucked into the east side of the island.

While Azzam’s impressive speed of 31.5 knots compares favorably to Dilbar’s 23.5 knots, Dilbar wins when it comes to elegance. The creamy ivory exterior and bronze hardware make an outstanding combination that sets the yacht apart from the more common brilliant whites and navy blues. The massive size and the fully wrapped decks with windows everywhere confirm Dilbar as an as exceptional yacht.

Full details of the interior of the yacht are closely guarded at owner’s request. Not expected to appear in the lineup at this year’s Monaco Yacht Show, Lürssen will bring Ester III, another gorgeous Espen Øino confection worthy of attention, to the show.