The superyacht equivalent of the little black dress, Feadship’s 2011 Motor Yacht Air put on a stylish new coat of matte black chic, emerging from weeks of spa-like treatment at the Monaco Marine La Ciotat shipyard looking absolutely fabulous.


Surfaces bearing the soft, non-reflective, black matte paint like that on Air’s 81-meter steel hull are always a bit challenging in application, but are truly breathtaking upon proper completion. Requiring a special climate controlled environment, Monaco Marine devised the custom made “transformation cocoon”, then carefully prepared the paint and the exterior surface of the yacht for the work. The project was long in the planning under the guidance of project manager Cyprien Milhe. In the end, however, Air’s new coat was ready a week ahead of schedule, sending her on her way to a lush Caribbean destination with a sumptuous new finish.


The complex surface required an all-in-one-sweep application performed by 25 of Rolling Stock’s high tech painters, covering the 1000 square meter finish in a continuous application. Additionally, Milhe noted, the previous paint had to be prepared so it would not interfere with the new surface.


“Air is very unique. Its hull color defines this boat and we all held our breath during the repaint. We were stunned about the perfect finish,” commented Air’s Captain Steve Warren. All that, and completed a week ahead of schedule, Air is again ready for charter.

Photos by Guillaume Plisson