This innovative 36.58m build from the Moonen Shipyards in the Netherlands uses a number of groundbreaking technologies, including the ELP, enhanced length principle, and an ingenious new hull configuration. Designed to slip through the water using a minimum of effort, the Martinique is one of a series of designs by these experienced shipbuilders, poised to lead the 30 to 50m yacht category. Ordered by a new shareholder, this first hull on the Martinique model is set to be delivered in 2016, underscoring the shipyard’s investment devoted to this category. Martinique_View-2 The Martinique shares similar features and technologies within this clutch of exemplary yachts. Named the Caribbean Series, all are graced with an island moniker befitting the 26 to 38 meter designs. Distinguished by the steep bow angle and low profile exterior, as well as Moonen’s status as both a fully-custom and semi-custom innovator, these yachts are forthcoming as the future of yachting, particularly in Caribbean waters. Martinique_View-4 Moonen’s selection of high tensile steel for the Martinique hull, combined with a long waterline and the shipyard’s exceptional design, engineering, and construction, ensures a luxuriously comfortable voyage. Enhanced by technology allowing higher maximum speeds, Martinique exhibits fuel economy that conserves impressively at economical speeds. Martinique is additionally proud to announce her very low vibration and virtually imperceptible noise levels. Martinique_View-7 The sleek, low exterior of the Martinique is wrapped with vertical windows and a sharper line, indicative of the modern interior layout. A full beam, main deck master displays panoramic views and spacious bathing areas, ensuring comfort and privacy. Adaptive plans allow for a number of cabin configurations within the six models, adjusting the availability of guest accommodation and crew according to need and space requirements. Martinique_View-8 Outfitted with all of the sophisticated finishes and bespoke interiors an innovative series like this deserves, owners can be assured that every available convenience is possible in this sumptuous, warm-water dream yacht. Shipyard:¬†