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The first semi-custom Matica model in Moonen Yachts’ Caribbean series turned in excellent results from an all-in-one-go run from the Netherlands to Malta. Launched in May, the 98 ft/30 m Bijoux performed well in her sea trials, prompting the owners to comment that the yacht surpassed expectations in every respect. The captain and crew attested they could not remember the privilege of serving on a more comfortable or seaworthy yacht, easily exceeding the 13 kt expected speed and doing so with remarkably quiet operation.

Bijou’s design, based on the proven Moonen 97, sports a steep bow, narrow waterline entry, and longer waterline, all contributing to the steady seakeeping and efficient fuel consumption intended by the hand of Rene van der Velden. Naval Architecture by Diana Yacht Design, and interiors by Adam Lay Studio nicely embellish the cabins and social spaces. Light, airy, and angular, bespoke interior choices in this Caribbean series put the exclamation point on the enthusiastic response to Bijoux. This beauty will be at the Cannes and Monaco Yacht Shows, scheduling viewings in advance should you plan to attend.

Next on the drawing board for Moonen, the Martinique hull #1 build is nearing completion, with the superstructure slipping into place on this 120 ft/37 m build. There may still time to make it yours.