You’ll still need the tender, but it may be spending a lot more time in the garage after delivery of your new Otam Millennium Line chase boat. With four deliveries already on the water, Otam is expanding the successful Millennium Line of superyacht support and chase boats, finding a following of owners who find this an irresistible option. Choices from the 45, the 58 open or hardtop, the 65 hardtop, the 80 hardtop, and the Millennium 100, all deliver speed, comfort, and full customization to match the mother ship for a fast, fun ride and an impressive status update.


Communication and entertainment systems are top notch, matched by Volvo IPS propulsion and Garmin navigation systems. The new 45 and 58 hard top easily reach 35 knots with power to spare. Immediate appeal in getting somewhere fast has proven popular with superyacht owners, particularly when the fun of customizing the mini-me speedster with soft goods, interior design, and exterior graphics can be tailored to identify with the associated superyacht. Delivery Otam says, is typically only eight to ten months, even with extensive customization.


Otam understands superyacht owners, continuously pushing performance and capabilities to new horizons in audio/visual, electronics, navigation, satellite TV, as well as the combined essential luxuries of speed and comfort. Happy owners and their reps continue to deliver compliments as expectations are exceeded by Otam. SuperYachtsMonaco’s Alex Banning confidently commented, “We had a long task in finding the right balance of shipyard, quality, ability to customize and performance above 43 knots. We needed a chase boat brand with pedigree, history, financial backing and the ability to guarantee that the boat would achieve the 51 knots contract speed. OTAM has excelled throughout the process.”


Status aside, technology and performance for Otam also get high marks for the Millennium Line. As one owner’s long term captain, Simon Mortlock, noted, “OTAM delivered a seriously impressive chase boat exactly as initially promised, on time, and with the same level of customization one sees on superyachts.” Mortlock added that it was a very pleasant surprise to find the yacht beat contracted speed by six knots.albertococchi58ht

Founded in 1954, OTAM is based in Genoa Italy at Sestri Ponente, where builds are completed with Genova workers owning decades of experience with the yard. The purchase of an OTAM yacht is not just a luxurious pleasure, but also membership in an exclusive group that covet the 75 unique OTAM yacht builds for the experience they bring to the yachting lifestyle.