On May 30, Feadship headquarters in Kaag announced plans for a new facility in Amsterdam. The facility is scheduled to open in 2019 and will be capable of accommodating builds up to 160 meters long. The fourth Feadship facility, and the second to have Royal Van Lent oversight, the yard will be quite conveniently located, just 20 minutes from Schiphol Amsterdam Airport.

The new facility will find Feadship’s skilled management and craftsmen moving between its operations and tasks at the Koninklijke De Vries yards in Aalsmeer and Makkum as needed. The addition is expected to open new positions for 150 highly-skilled yacht builders, to be supplied in part by Feadship training schools.

Foundations for the yard will be laid this summer, with construction of a 5500-square-meter hall bearing a ceiling height of 28 meters, a dry dock, and ten separate workshops in 2017. Concurrently, refurbishment of the Kaag Island facility and its waterfront, which will continue to house the operations hub of Royal Van Lent, will improve and upgrade the port of call that hosts initial meetings with potential clients.