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Wicked fast, unbelievably comfortable, and perfectly protected, the 75.5 ft/23 m superlimo tender Endeavour is poised to push luxury up a notch. A collaboration from Federico Fiorentino Superyacht Design out of Milan, and Marijana Radovic of M2Atelier, Endeavour may well be the most luxurious tender on the planet. Transporting guests in high style, privileged passengers are tucked into a super-streamlined, ultra-posh limousine tender for fast, exhilarating transport.

Typecast as the “private jet of the sea,” Endeavour presents a clean, powerful, aerodynamic silhouette that speeds across the water at 50 kts+, with a choice of engine configurations that push it beyond the extreme via twin jet turbines with surface drives. Six deeply upholstered armchairs with potential to rotate, recline, and assume conference room protocol are arranged in the guest lounge, complete with day head, bar, and large windows that deliver a stunning panorama. The lightly-bronzed exterior complements the neutral interior, embellished with mahogany and stainless steel. Invisible light diffusers, laser cut metal strips, and top-of-industry technology finish off the cocoon beautifully, ensuring the ride will be enjoyable from every angle.

Glass partitions separate the futuristic cockpit from the guest lounge, ensuring privacy while continuing the view. A crew area, crew head, and luggage compartment complete the layout of this elegant, high performance tender.