We’re always looking for new and exciting ways to celebrate New Year’s Eve, and what better way than with a yacht hire – Mediterranean style – onboard a stunning superyacht? Whether berthed in the shadow of the skyscrapers and casinos of Monte Carlo, partying it up in Ibiza’s superclubs, or dropping anchor off glitzy, palm-lined Cannes to watch the fireworks, a yacht is the ultimate venue for a party yacht charter to welcome in 2019.

A Party Yacht Charter to Remember

When you charter a yacht, you have a glamorous party venue, a private chef and service team, and luxurious accommodation all in one – and unlike hotels, you don’t have to share any of it with strangers. A yacht and its crew are dedicated to your pleasure alone. And what pleasure it is!  With a gourmet chef onboard and a team of professional crew accustomed to hosting parties for celebrities and billionaires, the standard of service is incredibly high.

Whether you want an elaborate themed party (Great Gatsby, perhaps?) or would prefer a refined dinner party with family and friends as you cruise along the Riviera, New Year’s Eve on a private yacht is one you will never forget. Just discuss your preferences with your yacht broker, and they’ll collaborate with your yacht’s captain and crew to make sure the evening surpasses your expectations.

Unforgettable Experiences on a New Year’s Yacht Charter in Europe

Just because it’s winter in the Mediterranean, doesn’t mean it’s not the perfect time for a party yacht charter. Imagine sitting in the yacht’s sundeck Jacuzzi watching the fireworks, champagne in hand and steam rising all around you in the cool night air. Or starting the evening off docked in Cannes with cocktails and canapes on deck in the late afternoon, watching the afternoon sun turn the old town golden, before hosting a party in the yacht’s salon that spills out over the brightly-lit decks as the revelry kicks off. If you want a DJ, a band, or a poker table and croupier, all you have to do is ask!

Given that the French and Italian Rivieras are within easy reach of the ski resorts of the Maritime Alps, you could even find yourself on the slopes in the morning, heading back to the coast to enjoy an afternoon rosé in the sunshine, before getting ready for an incredible New Year’s Eve on your superyacht. Truly a New Year’s Eve to remember. Or maybe a romantic, art-inspired charter appeals, with New Year’s Eve on a yacht in dreamy Venice? Or anchoring beneath the volcanic caldera of Santorini, to take in the fireworks display from the white villages perched on the towering cliffs? Wherever you end up, astonishing landscapes, medieval villages, and glamorous towns await you on a New Year’s party yacht charter.

Keep The Party Going all Week

If you’re chartering the yacht for a week over New Year, the options are truly endless. From shopping the haute couture boutiques of Monaco to floating serenely down the spectacular coastlines of Cinque Terre or the Amalfi Coast, stopping to walk and visit markets, museums, and day spas along the way, a yacht hire in the Mediterranean is the perfect way to explore these wonderful places at your leisure.

A yacht charter really raises the bar on all the New Year’s celebrations that have gone before. Let the festivities begin!