Spirited yachtsmen and intrepid travelers, the world is your oyster on board Gill Schmid Design’s new 90-meter expedition yacht project Taboo. Born to spike the adrenalin surge and ambush yachting’s blue-blazer image, Taboo is all about sport, adventure, challenge, and life, living with gusto and exploring virgin coordinates in the lap of luxury.

The Experience is The Thing

A collaborative effort between Gill Schmid’s principals, Alistair Gill and Veronica Schmid, and Tim Dempers Studio out of Capetown, Taboo is geared to handle the extremes at both ends of the thermometer. Taboo’s high volume invites a plethora of play toys, from helicopters and aircraft to submarines, amphibious automobiles, posh supercars, and a library of sports equipment. Thinking of a couple of 14-meter tenders? Bring them on. Taboo’s got large, enclosed tender garages on the lower deck. Want to launch a hot air balloon? There’s room for that. There is even a retractable, fully enclosed helicopter garage, an A-frame lift on the aft deck suitable for submarine deployment.

Gill Schmid Taboo-8

Features with Flash

The spacious aft decks transform into spacious entertainment areas, simply begging for something exciting to happen on a grand scale. The two-deck guest lounge is impressive in its own right, but the large glass-walled pool central to it all spans both main and upper decks. The surround lounge is dramatic, with floor to ceiling windows for fabulous views. Much of the glazing also permits only one-way viewing, keeping what happens on Taboo to those on board.

Gill Schmid Taboo-7

From the main deck, the glass walled pool drops from the deck above, creating a human aquarium, flanked by saltwater tanks to port and starboard that simulate an ocean swim. Clean, contemporary styling makes it beautiful. Lighting makes it magical. Perfect for a beach party spanning both main and upper decks, the effect is mesmerizing.

Also on board, two Jacuzzis, a gym, and spa space indulge physical comforts. An aft summerhouse can also be outfitted as a casino, additional VIP quarters, an additional lounge, library, or purposed room geared to owner preference.

Gill Schmid Taboo-6

The Specs

A high-volume ice class yacht designed to the Passenger Yacht Code, Taboo performs like a commercial vessel and pampers like a superyacht, housing 26 guests and 40 crew. The full beam owner’s suite has a private office, lounge, and private deck space. ┬áThe sophisticated monochrome exterior and muscular profile of the yacht fit with its sturdy purposes, while the luxurious interiors appeal to all who are privileged to spend time on board.

Gill Schmid Taboo-4

The Company

Gill Schmid specializes in yacht design, architecture, and art services, providing design, fabrication, and project management for high end art pieces. Based in New York, the company was founded by Alistair Gill and Veronika Schmid, both with more than 15 years as qualified architects and respected professors at Columbia and Harvard Universities.

Design concepts and completed projects all have a clean, contemporary look, with distinctive elements that mark their intelligent, cutting edge work. Alistair hails from the UK, while Veronika was trained in Austria, Germany, and the United States.