Unveiled at the 2016 Monaco Yacht Show, Oceanemo’s new Sport Utility Yacht stretched the hull to 55 meters, allowing designer Fulvio De Simoni to include space for two toy ample toy chests, a 65 square meter owner’s apartment, accommodations for 12 guests and 12 crew, and a 45 square meter beach club with 42 meter covered veranda.

A powertrain with hybrid, diesel or electric motors offers technical options, designed with expertise from decades working on military vessels. The result delivers increased navigation considerations and decreased environmental impact. A 9.6-meter limousine tender, 4.5-meter crew tender, two water jets, and an aircraft with folding wings can tuck into the covered 105 square meter hangar. A luxury car, SUV, hovercraft, helicopter, fishing boat, seaplane, or personal submarine can be housed on the 130 square meter raised deck. The two spaces give owners lots of options.


Modern lines, expanses of uninterrupted glazing on the main and upper decks, and extensive windows on the lower deck contribute to the spacious feel of the interior. De Simoni, commenting that the 55 is one of his favorite yachts, noted that the concept of a free stern, majestic superstructure, and important bow work together to make this yacht series distinctive and attractive, building on the interest in the previous 33 meter and 44 meter models. The concept, idealized by long time OCEA yacht developer and partner Aldo Manna, and developed by De Simoni, gives owners a lifestyle choice quite different from that offered by traditional yacht designs.

Similar to the SUV disruption in automotive circles, the Oceanemo 55 changes the game, allowing owners to fully customize the yacht to personal specifications while making it possible to bring along a wealth of toys without compromising cabin or on board living spaces. On the Oceanemo 55, you absolutely can take it with you, regardless of size, shape, or purpose.