Onda Tenders has just launched the first of their much-awaited 331 Gran Turismo superyacht tenders which will debut at the Cannes and Monaco yacht shows later this year. The 10 metre / 32.8 foot tender combines Onda’s trademark attention to detail and craftsmanship with industry-leading engineering expertise and a serious turn of speed. Like Onda’s remarkable limousine tender, this new design has been created in collaboration with the Mannerfelt Design Team who have years of experience of working with yachts designed for offshore racing.

Smart design features include the deep V-shaped hull and lightweight engines which help to minimise fuel consumption while ensuring the 331 Gran Turismo moves swiftly and responsively through the water. Rather than using carbon fibre the hull is constructed of a vinyl ester skin and foam core to keep the weight down while retaining high levels of maneuverability and seaworthiness. This careful focus on performance means that she can reach speeds of up to 60 knots just using a pair of 250HP outboards.

Potential owners will also love the fact that the design of the 331 Gran Turismo is highly customisable thanks to its modular layout. Highlights include a convertible table in the aft which allows the space to be used as a lounge or dining area. The tender can also be customised by adapting the colour palette and upholstery to match the superyacht mothership if desired, and owners can select between outboard and inboard versions depending on their needs and requirements.

Onda CEO George Riginos commented, “The name Onda brings with it a certain pedigree and trust that a boat will deliver comfort, performance and seaworthiness. But the features and capabilities of the 331GT mark a new era for our open tenders. We have worked hard across the board to create the sense that the 331GT is not just a support boat or tender to a superyacht, but that it is a ‘mini yacht’ – a standalone boat, in its own right. With a number of deliveries expected this year, and orders taking us through 2020, many of our clients have already seen the potential of the Onda 331GT.”