Apparently, you can take it with you, especially if you’ve got one of these oh-so-useful Lynx Yachts’ shadow boats. Thanks to well-designed workhorses like the 70 ft/20m Yacht X Tender, or YXT, from Lynx Yachts in Holland, every luxury amenity can remain out of sight, yet conveniently within reach.

Dedicated to hauling a veritable sporting goods emporium, plus a few aerial and submersible play toys, power tenders, luxury cars, and a good stock of food and wine, this Lynx brand steel garage can speed on ahead, ensuring guests on the mother ship will want for nothing when they arrive at their next set of coordinates. Their utility also includes backup in the follow up position, packing water, fuel, and replacement parts. Using the YXT to carry everything that isn’t de rigueur for the immediate moment leaves lots of luxurious space on board the main yacht for more pleasant purposes.

While the YXT lacks posh guest accommodations, it does have two en suite crew cabins with four berths, a galley, laundry, and storage galore, all from the hand of Franck Darnet Design. Starting sea trials in June, the YXT is expected to turn in speeds of 20 to 25 kts. with a 700-900 nm range. Crisp white livery, two 1.7-ton davits with 5m reach and 360° slewing, and 45 square meters of deck space complete the list, providing a place for everything, and everything in its place. Launched July 15, take a peek at this superb support vessel Sept. 28-Oct. 1, 2016, after her sea trials, debuting at the Monaco Yacht Show along the Quai Jarlan tender area.